Thursday, August 20, 2015

Salary Manage “tips” - (For Non Married People)

Hello friends. I think i would like to share with you how i keep my money. First and foremost, i am not a financial consultant not even close to a person who keeps money. I know most of us, the average salary kinda group must be suffocating on our salary money. How do i actually balance it up plus how do i spend?

First, get a boyfriend. Haha. Kidding. Well, first and foremost, You need to know your Nett Gross Salary. How much did you really get after minuses all your bills, taxes, credit card payment (minimum will do), loans. You need to get the exact amount of your salary. Count it all do not leave a cent behind.



To most medium salary receiver (RM2500 – RM3500) i definitely know that you cant even have savings to life in this city called, Kuala Lumpur. Better yet all your expenses (travelling & food & drinks) could reach until RM150 per week. That i would say, the lowest. So secondly, i would like to say to all of you who are a medium salary receivers, i FEEL YA and please, do not feel like you are bound to spend every single cents of your salary. You need to stay calm during shopping and try to restrict your food consumptions. Like me, sometimes i feel like eating at a fancy restaurant with bills that could reach up to RM75 per person but when i think about what i can do with RM75 (saving it), i just find the closest substitute to the food. If you are fancying eating a burger, you can get a nice Ramli burger if it’s nearby.

Food wise, i think it is best if you could cook your food for yourself. It’ll be a lot safer that way.



I have not read any financial books as yet but what i am saying here are all based on my experience and i am trying to convey my message from a human being to another human being. Heart to heart. Oh yes, from the first point just now, once you have calculated your final total salary just divide by 4, meaning for 4 weeks in a month. The final number are the only maximum total of money you can use each week. Regardless how and when. When you know all of these information, it is easier for you to plan your day. Where to eat, what to eat, how to eat. The only thing that you can do is that, you withdrawal the money lesser than what you can use each week and keep that as savings.

I know this so called tips could be be apply to all of us here but if you do want to try it out, please do give it a try. I have build a whole excel sheet calculation for myself. Each month, i know how much i can spend each week. I think it is easier that way. I can control my financial much better. Well, this is not a ‘tips’ entry at all. Most of us would probably have been doing that i am doing now for ages. Do share with me on how do you manage your salary?

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