Monday, September 28, 2015

Mycybersale is back!



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Happy me!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jalan-Jalan : Paya Indah Wetlands, Dengkil

Hello friends. Last Wednesday was a public holiday for all Malaysian so we took this chance to go and pay a visit to Paya Indah Wetlands. I have seen the signboard to this place everyday but i have never been to this place before.

If you are looking for a place to do some fishing activity, this would be one of the best place to go. I saw a pakcik, caught a toman fish here. Wow.


I know most of you first timers would want to know how much is the entrance fee? Well, you do not have to pay anything at all! I mean, if you would want to do some kayaking or other activities, there are some certain fees that you need to pay but for entrance, it’s free of charge. All you need to do is to register at the guard post and then to go the Information counter (Kaunter Penerangan) as above picture. You can also purchase a fish palette for RM3 per cup to feed the fishes in the pond.


This place is famous with it’s Hippo. In fact, the first lake that you’ll see is the hippo lake. One of the best thing here is that you can bring your own car inside and have a tour yourself. With a map given, you just drive to your destination. Crocodile lake, menara tinjau, hippo lake, you drive yourself.


This is the hippo lake. We arrived quite late, around 2.30pm. All hippos are asleep by now. Can you spot a huge hippo inside the picture above? Hehe.


Next, we went to the crocodile lake. It has a lot of crocodiles, different sizes all together.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

It was indeed a very calm and nice weather when we were there. Not a single drop of rain and not that very hot. Cause it was hazy at this point of time. Hehe.


Apart from crocodile watching and hippo watching and fishing, this place also has a chalet for you to rent and have a rest. There are also a huge covered tarmac for you to do all sorts of family activities too. You could have your company’s family day here. The price is also very affordable.

Memerhati burung
Binokular tidak disediakan
Merentis Hutan
Perlu mengambil khidmat pemandu pelancong alam semulajadi (nature guide)
Tutup pada hari Jumaat
Basikal sendiri boleh digunakan tanpa caj di zon rekreasi sahaja
Memberi makan badak air
Jam 10.00-10.30 pagi, setiap hari
Memberi makan buaya
Jam 11.00-11.30 pagi, hari sabtu, ahad dan cuti umum
Sesi pengenalan kura-kura dan landak raya
Jam 11.30-12.00 t/hari, hari sabtu, ahad dan cuti umum
Memberi makan ikan
Jam 8.00 pagi - 6.00 petang.
Pelet ikan dijual di kaunter
Berkayak dan Paddle boat
Tempahan awal diperlukan
Menara Tinjau
** Dalam penyelenggaraan
Aktiviti kebudayaan di Rumah Melayu Terengganu
Tempahan awal diperlukan sekurang-kurangnya sebulan sebelum
Program Pendidikan Biodiversiti
Tempahan awal diperlukan
Zon rekreasi sahaja
Lawatan berpandu sepanjang hari di Paya Indah merangkumi Zon Rekreasi, Zon Pendidikan dan Zon Konservasi
Tempahan awal diperlukan

Masa Lawatan                                        
Isnin-Ahad: 7.30 am - 7.00 pm
Jumaat: Tutup pada pukul 12.15 pm - 2.45 pm
Tempahan Penginapan/ Kemudahan
Isnin-Jumaat (kecuali cuti umum): 8.00 a.m - 5.00 pm

(Taken from HERE

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Just A Little Wishlist Post

Hello friends. How is your day today? Despite the haze that is currently overwhelming Malaysia and Singapore, i think my day is perfect. I dont really have anything makeup-y too talk about in my blog nowadays. I dont buy new makeup product anymore as i am saving my pennies and dollars and ringgit for the Holiday Gift makeup sets. I just cant wait to borong everything this year end! But, although i did not purchase any new stuffs at the point of time, i have been using the old and existing makeup that i have as i never had this experience of using each and every one of them before. It has been great so far.

Lets start with my wish list for now. I give myself a year to complete all of my wishes in this wishlist.

Makeup stuffs

This wishlist will only be what’s in trend. As for now, i am eyeing on the Urban Decay Smokey Palette. Oh my i have swatch most of the shadows and they all look amazing! This palette retails at RM199 at Sephora.


(Picture taken from

ColourPop Cosmetics are so in right now. I wish i could purchase all of them here in Malaysia instead of having to get the shipping paid from the USA. The colours are super tempting and the products are affordable too. I have heard so many good things about this brand. Just wish that they could have it here in Malaysia. But if so, i bet the prices would be nonetheless similar to NYX.

Screen Shot 09-15-15 at 12.01 PM

(Taken from

Another product from Urban Decay which has been in my list since the launch of Vice 3. It’s the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette. I dont have Vice 3 Palette so i think this purchase is necessary. ;P It has not being launched in Malaysia as yet so i am not so sure about the pricing. I bet it’ll be similar to Vice 3.


(Taken from

There are many more other products that i am eyeing on such as the LORAC MEGA PRO 2 Palette which is not being sold in Malaysia. You can only get it at ULTA Beauty for $59. I wish i could visit USA for a while just to get all of the latest makeup products. The list of my makeup wishlist will never end. It’ll go on and on.


I have always been loving to have the opportunity to travel. Travelling is something that i can do each week if possible. I want to travel freely, not because of work or anything else. Travelling is also one of the reason why i did not purchase a lot of new makeup products this year.

I am looking forward to go to Lombok & Krabi. I know it’s a bit overrated but i want to visit those places myself. I want to see and feel the environment and culture. Those are the affordable ones i guess. My travel lists continues as and when i feel like travelling.


(Lombok Island)


(Krabi Island)

I would also have a dream to travel to Mecca, Sweden, Germany, USA, Russia and many more. I like to travel to places where it has 70% scenery and 30% activity. I would like to travel to the end of the world, which i have no idea where. Haha.

Well, i do have many things that i wishes to have or do throughout this one whole year. Of course some might involve big money so i wont be writing that one down here as yet.

Hopefully i could cross some of my wishlist and make it a reality.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Budget Trip : Langkawi 3D 2N (Itinerary & Prices!)

Hello friends! I always feel like writing a post about holidays (might be turning into a travel blogger soon eh? HAHA :P) but i dont really take nice photos while im on holiday as i tend to cherish it there and then. But for this time around, i feel like sure, no problem on sharing it in my blog eh? Who knows there’ll be people who will be travelling to Langkawi soon might want to know where can they get the best car rental prices, the best food to eat and what should they do in Langkawi, budget style? So, that is why this post were being uploaded.

Our Langkawi trip was for just 3D 2N but we did actually covered most of the activities there. I mean, we did the major ones like Mangrove and Cable Car riding. I know 3 days is not enough but it’s ok. We can always go back to Langkawi anytime in this near future.

First things first, as a budget traveller, you’ll always look for the cheapest in anything that you will be paying off. Flights can be one of the expensive purchase in this trip. To me, it is best to list down all possible flights that you will be using and list down all of their prices. For Air Asia, you might want to select baggage and seats as well cause that’ll be your final price figure. Use the table below to finalize everything.

Flight ticket (1 person) : Return  One-Way
Air Asia     
Malaysia Airlines    
Malindo Air    

These would be the airlines that i am considering taking to Langkawi and back to Kuala Lumpur. I know most people would not even look at one way prices but let me share it with you, it’s cheaper by RM200 if you are clever enough to play around with the prices. ;)

Next it’ll be accommodation. You have to tell yourself are you going to spend the rest of your day in the room or are you going to do outdoor activities and spend less time in room? I uses my favourite app for Hotel Room findings which is Trivago. The best part is that you can actually book the room without paying anything and it’s FREE Cancelation (on certain hotels)! I booked a few hotel rooms but ended up staying at Federal Villa Resort, a hotel under Holiday Villa Resort. First thing is that we would want to be near Pantai Cenang but not too into Pantai Cenang. So, this hotel is perfect.


(It was raining to the last day of our trip. View from Hotel Balcony)

Car Rental comes next. If you are more of a bike person, i am so sorry i never rented a bike in Langkawi before this. Car rental’s are everywhere in Langkawi. I like to have it booked before i was there to avoid the expensive charges. As my favourite thing is to Google around, i google ‘Cheap Car Rental Langkawi’ and found out about this blog, Eyzamiel. She did shared a contact number of a car rental which has a blog; Car Langkawi. I looked at the prices and it was seriously cheap! It’s like 50% cheaper than the other famous car rental. Plus, they gave receipts too. If you are planning to visit Langkawi please contact them for an affordable car rental prices!

Now, all the important stuffs are done, it’s time to plan your itinerary. I know Langkawi from the back of my hands. I have been there for almost every year. So, building up an itinerary is not a problem for me. I only have to search for the prices and all budget is done. The best time to visit Langkawi is before end of September. That is when the monsoon season starts to kick in.

My main activity in Langkawi would be Mangrove but i do not want to wake up early in the morning and queue up for that. So, what i did was i prebook my Mangove trip by sending a Whatsapp to a number that i found from a Mangrove website. Alif Mangrove is the name and their website is; Langkawi Mangrove Tours. To me, this is by far the cheapest price for a Mangrove. If you have more people joining, you’ll pay much lesser cause it is being calculated as per Boat and not per Head. We took the RM200 tour and get the boat to ourselves! As a master planner for this trip, it was such a nice day to start your trip with Mangrove.



The second activity that we have done took place on the next day. After a 2 hours full of Mangrove, we went to Air Hangat Night Market and bought some foods for us to take back to the hotel. We stopped by at Laksa Power for a bowl of Laksa before heading back to the Hotel. It was a tiring day so we decided to just stay in bed and sleep.

Second day! Our first activity is to get some breakfast! We ate at Tomato Restaurant (mamak restaurant) and i love their Roti Canai. Apparently, they did cook each roti canai fresh so that’s good! Then we decided to stop by at the Cable Car to purchase the tickets. Apparently, they have time timing rides now so the latest timing would be at 1.45am. It was around 11.30am at that time. We get our tickets and decided to visit a crocodile farm just to pass the time. Plus, it’s quite near from the Cable Car so why not.


It was flaming hot at the Crocodile Farm. Well, just to let you all know, if you searched Crocodile Farm through google it will direct you to a different place. This crocodile farm is situated at Jalan Datai, Kampung Kubang Badak. Please do visit this place. The entrance fee it RM 18 (MyKAD Adult) and RM13 (MyKID) for tourists outside Malaysia, the fee would be RM25 (adult) and RM18 (kids). Follow their Facebook Page for more exciting activities!


We did went to Pekan Kuah for a stroll and to just see what’s new in town. Chocolates are everywhere and it’s cheap! Cigarettes and alcohols too. It’s a duty free island, what’d expect! :)

Last day is the day we went to the beach, finally. It was raining in the morning but around 10am it was clear sky. We went for a swim at the swimming pool too. It’s a relaxation day for us. I personally booked a later flight for us to have at least another day at Langkawi. All hotel and car has been extended until 4pm and 7pm respectively.


Overall, it was a short and packed trip. We did not managed to visit Underwater World, Wildlife Park and island hopping. It’s okay, i can assure you that you’ll be seeing another post on Langkawi soon! ;)

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Friday, September 11, 2015

BOTD : Best Lipstick Tricks and Tips For Women


Hello friends! I would like to share with you the latest tips and tricks to have a best lipstick applications!

You do not have to be a makeup genius to actually understand that lipstick can make a huge impact to your whole look. It makes you look from drab to dramatic, simple to gorgeously sexy in just seconds. A fresh coat of lipstick can revamp the way you look in an instant. But if you are wondering if you are really getting the most you could out of your favourite lipstick then you need to know they are a handful of tips and tricks to get the best lipstick look, ever.

These brilliant and cool lipstick tricks below will show you how to make your lipstick look better and last longer.

Lipstick first then lip liner

The lip liner will eventually look smoother and go more easily to be applied because you can see exactly where you need it. When the lip colour fades away, the liner and lipstick will be fading away at the same time, saving you the trouble of having ‘ring’ around your lips.

Set lipstick to last longer

Making it last all day can be tricky for some but you may do so by applying the shade, blot with tissue and dust a thin layer of powder. Apply the lipstick again and it will form a base that lasts longer.

Use your finger

The finger trick – Once you are done applying your lip colour, do this trick to avoid your lipstick from getting on your teeth. Simply put your finger in your mouth and close your lips around it. Pull your finger out while lips are still closed. You will be amazed with the result as any excess lip product will only end up on your finger!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Prom Dresses [Vol 3] : Bridesmaid Dress

Hello friends! This would be the last entry for my prom dress series. It’s the time of the year again here in Malaysia (Oct,Nov & Dec) for weddings. If you are planning for one and are looking for a bridesmaid dresses, or if you are the type of person who likes to wear bridesmaid dresses to prom (no problem with that! It is still a gorgeous looking dress! Kill it girlfriend!), this is again a place to look for. You may want to read on the other dresses that i have wrote in my previous blog entry if you would want to see the dresses that i picked out.

Short Prom Dress

Cocktail Dress

This time around, i will blog about a bridesmaid dress which are suitable to wear to prom. I have always been loving a little bit of bling-bling on my dress if i were being invited to prom. Unfortunately, high school in Malaysia do not have that kind of party unless if you are studying in a private school. I did my homework, did vet through all the pages at Jecica Dress website for Bridesmaid Dress, and i found out this one gorgeous soft pink dress.


This is their Chiffon A-Line Scoop Neck dress. Just look at the bling on the shoulder top. I think it adds an elegant look to the dress. Plus, the diamonte belt could shrinks down our waist, makes us look slimmer. At Jecica Dress you could actually pink your own color as they have many color choices! From dark colors to soft ones like the above. This dress is also suitable for most body type, plus size, apple, hour glass you name it. It is even suitable for maternity ladies! :)

If this kind of dress does not suits you, i know some must be disliking a bling bling dress, i have another dress to show you all here. This one is a gorgeous piece of a dress, which i think would look sexy good and charming at the same time. I love dresses that looks decent on the front but very sexy at the back of it.


This gorgeous green dress is their Chiffon A-Line Scoop Neck Lace Bridesmaid Dress. So gorgeous with the pretty laces on the front and back of the dress. I think dresses with laces on it looks elegant and more girlish looking. The hemline has a little bit of a lace on it too makes the dress to be looking more on the country side. Lace and weddings could not be separated. This shows that a lace could still be looking elegant without showing off some of the body parts.


If you like open back or bare back kind of dress, this is the one for you. It has X type of support at the back, makes it look more sexy and nice at the same time.

Well ladies, if you are looking for a bridesmaid dress either for prom or for your bridesmaid, please do visit Jecica Dress website. Apart from all of the pictures above, they have thousands of dresses to choose from.

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Wedding ding ding : Best Friend!

I always love weddings. Especially when it comes to a very close and best friend of mine. This pretty girl has been my friends since forever! Well, we werr together since standard 1! That was when we were 7 years old! I love her so dearly and i am soooo excited when she said that she's getting married!

Her husband, which she had known for 10 years, Zul is a very loyal and patience person. So does my best friend. They were meant to be together. I love how cute and adorable their relationship is. Both very understanding, very honest to each other. 

Congratulations darling Nur Izzati. I love you so much you know it! I remember i posted out a blog entry, telling a story about our relationship and that blog post was being selected as one of the winner for DiGi Kami Buddyz and i got to act with Lisa Surihani. Hehe. 

You look absolutely gorgeous that day. Not to forget a very handsome husband as well you have there. I pray for your health and hope that you'll enjoy married life! I know you would! Make as many babies as you can!! Haha. They'll be super cute like you and Zul! 

This post is solely dedicated to you. I love you and i wish that this relationship will last until forever. You are my friend, sister that i never had, my courage, my partner in crime, my everything. Hehe. 

Till then,


Friday, September 4, 2015

BOTD : Loreal Miss Manga Mascara (False Lash Waterproof)

Hello hello friends! I just cant wait to share with you my experience with this mascara. It is bad? Is it good? Awesome? Well, you just have to read this entry up until the end of it to find out more! hehe
I believe the other parts of the world has already been testing out this mascara a while back. Only recently that this mascara is available here in Malaysia, all Malaysian beauty community went nuts about it! Same goes to me. I don’t feel like trying it out at first as I do have my favorite mascara now but then, what the heck. It’s a mascara anyway and all these hype makes me want to test it out more.
The packaging is okay I think. If you look at it, it might have that expensive look on it but when you hold it, it feels plastic and very lightweight. The color shows a little bit like anime kind of color which suits the name of the mascara itself, Miss Manga. Manga = anime = cartoons I guess.
It stated on the tube that it could creates a False Lash 360 degree Big Open Eyes Effect. Wow. Very promising indeed!
What makes it says that it could create a big open eyes effect? I believe it is the wand of this mascara itself. It has a curved wand with brush bristles. I LOVE brush bristles rather than a plastic ones. This brush feels very soft on the eye lashes and surprisingly, it does not clump my lashes at all! Great value for a waterproof mascara without any clumps!
It claims to be waterproof. At first I doubt it. A cheap drugstore mascara claims to be waterproof. But actually, it is! I cried in this mascara, I sweat in this mascara and it does not smudge or runny at all! Kudos to Loreal for creating such a great formulation. Even the application is very easy, a no clump wand. If people say waterproof mascara, some get so afraid of removing it. But this mascara is very easy to remove. I am very surprised with it. This mascara has set my mind onto a new level of drugstore mascara.
So far, there’s nothing bad I can say about this mascara. I am loving each time I have it on my lashes. I suggest if you are looking for an affordable waterproof mascara that really works, please do try this one. I could not remember the price but I think it is around RM30++ :)
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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Short Trip Holiday & Tips (Langkawi)

Hello dear friends! Thank you for reading my blog. I know I have not been uploading about my daily life in this blog. If you have been following my blog or have been reading my blog since day 1, you’d know that this blog started as my personal story kinda blog. I wrote things that I did, what happened. It used to be my diary. Now, the direction has changed a bit. It has become like a beauty / fashion kind of blog. But still, I would like to post about other things as well. ;)

If you have been following me on my instagram, you’d know that I went for a short trip to Langkawi last Friday. It was a short trip but I ended up having fun. I did get a little bit stressed up when it comes to the last day cause my long waiting trip is ending soon but then, I can always say that I’ll be back to Langkawi again.


I boarded Malindo Air for the first time and I am super liking it now. I think it could top Air Asia in no time! Malindo Air is like a cheap version of Malaysia Airlines (now known as Malaysia Airlines Berhad). Free baggage, free drinks, free biscuits, free in flight entertainment (you have to bring your own headphone for this as it’s a short haul flight), what more can you ask? I know most of you here must be an avid traveller, you must be purchasing a return flight ticket instead of one-way. As a budget traveller like me, I tend to count every cents possible so that I could have the  best time in Langkawi. Therefore, one of my tips is, please do calculation of flights, one-way and return for all possible airlines. I did the calculation for about 3 airlines, MAB, Malindo & Air Asia and it turns out that the best way and cheapest would be depart with Malindo and return by Air Asia.


If you are planning to visit an island like me, it is best if you could pack a bag of uncooked rice together with you as well. This is actually for your smart phones (unless if you own a waterproof phones then it is ok). I did have a waterproof casing together with me and decided to test it out when I was swimming at the beach. It turns out that the casing get torn apart and there’s sea salt water inside the case, entering my smartphone. I did not have a bag of uncooked rice with me at that time so the best thing that I could do is to switch off my phone immediately. Well, I still think that a bag of uncooked rice during the incident time would be much helpful. Although my phone is okay now, still please do bring a zip lock of uncooked rice for your safety.


Makeup stuffs! Yes! I could not go out without at least a foundation on my face, cause I need it. Instead of having to put all those sunblock onto my face and then layering it with a layer of foundation on top, the best thing is to bring a foundation that has SPF in it already. Makes it easier for you to do your makeup and less things to carry with you as well. But, I still have my sun block ready for the other parts of my body. Hehe.


Many people do not do this but I think a bag tag could actually save your bag from getting stolen or lost. I had mine as above (yes I love hello kitty) and it is very easy to spot my bag from afar. Please do invest on a bag tag if you think your bag looking similar to the other travellers.

Last but not least, please do bring an extension cord with you, wherever you go. You might not know how many plugs are there inside your hotel room. Yes you can also ask for the cord fromthe House Keeping but sometimes, some hotels they do not provide that. It is best for you to bring it from home and have all you amenities charged. Cameras, phones, tablets.


It was indeed, one of the best trip I had I Langkawi this time around. Well, till I see you again Langkawi. Hopefully next year. ;)

Till then,


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Prom Dresses [Vol 2] : Jecica Dress (Short Dress)

Hello girls! I have the second choice of dresses for you to choose from. Not to worry if you did not fancy a long maxi dress for prom, I have the sexy classy short ones as well! If you did read my previous entry on the Cocktail Dress, I did mentioned that a pretty dress should be flowy. Just imagine you are dancing on the dance floor, with your best man or even your best friends ever! You need to look super gorgeous with the dress that you had choose. Some people like it short, some like it long. Not to worry, Jecica Dress has it all!

I  browsed though all of their short prom dresses (which they have PLENTY to choose from!) and my eye are glued on this one particular dress that is super gorgeous! It is a little bit short for my liking but still, it is classy and I personally just love the color! As mentioned in previous post too, a prom dress should have that bling-bling on it as well! And this dress pretty much sums it up!


Just look at the detailing of this Lace Satin Ball Gown dress from Jecica Dress! Isn’t it super pretty! It is so girly that I just feel like wearing it! I love how it is decent on the front of the dress but a bit naughty on the back. The plaid skirt is absolutely gorgeous! This kind of dress suits every body type, be it hourglass, apple, plum anything! The hemline looks gorgeous too, with a little bit downside on the back. It creates the definition of a higher waist!

If this is too short for you and you feel like hiding your knees away, do not worry my friend! I have another PRETTY dress to show to you too. Well, from the PLENTY of choices at Jecica Dress, I did have another dress that I love too.


Just take a really nice look at the dress above. It is not too maxi for a long dress and it still covers your knees perfectly well! Same goes to the Lace Satin Ball Gown, I just could not take the image of this dress from my mind because I just love the taupe color! Of course there are many other colors for you to choose from but personally, I just love this one! This is the Tulle-A-Line Square Neckline dress. It is so cute and pretty at the same time! With the tutu like skirt, that adds the mystical look for your prom night. The huge ribbon belt on the waist accentuate your waist to be looking smaller. The amazing tips from some fashion designer.


With the additional net headgear like in the picture above, sums it all! You can look classy, sexy, cute all at the same time! Who does not want that? Hehe. Same goes to this dress, it fits almost on any type of body shape. Pear, petit and more!

If you are looking for a new prom dresses, please visit Jecica Dress website. Do you know that they have Rewards as well if you’d purchase from their online website? You could earn up to 10% back on every purchase, so the more you shop the more you earn! Plus, they do shipped internationally as well with shipping charges of Euro 25! Visit their website to learn more on many of their dresses! They have the most complete and very easy to use online shopping experience too!
Till then,

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Prom Dresses [Vol 1] : Jecica Dress (Cocktail Dress)

Good day friends! Have you ever wondered on how you could get the best and affordable dresses (ships online throughout the world) for your prom, dinner and other occasions? I came across this website which has loads of pretty dresses that could fit each and every types of body.

Have you ever imagine owning a dress that could make you feel like a princess, pretty and gorgeous all at the same time? Don’t you want to have a dress that is totally will blow your partner’s mind away when he sees you for the first time? Have you been planning to have your dream dress but still could not find the RIGHT one?

To me, a pretty dress should be flowy. It should shows the elegance of the dress and the most important part would be the colour of the dress. I like my dress to be dark and mysterious. One thing as it could cover up the fatness that I have throughout my body and secondly, I think dark colours are more sophisticated and elegance. That is why I personally selected this dress by Jecica Dress. It is their Chiffon Empire One Shoulder dress which would look stunning on anybody else and perhaps me too.


When I saw this dress on the website, I fall in love with it instantly. It is just a perfect cocktail or prom dress for me. At least, this would be my benchmark if I ever go to prom or attended a cocktail dinner. I adore the asymmetrical criss cross cut at the ends of the dress. It will make my legs look a little bit longer than it used to as I am just 161 cm tall. The front and back of the dress is also important. As elegance is my theme, the dress should have minimal diamante and should not be way too revealing.


The back of the dress is simply simple. I like how it is just a one shoulder kind of dress, makes it easier to move around (dancing I mean).


This dress is very pretty to my eyes. I love the detailing of it, I love how it flows and I love the design of the dress as well. Just imagine when you dance in this dress, how beautiful the flows would be and you will be looking like an elegance princess. Shouldn’t every girl deserve to look pretty, awesome and elegance at the same time? If you are looking for a prom dress, cocktail dress or even a night dinner dress, I suggest you to visit now. They do ship internationally with the charges of Euro25. They have many other designs and dresses for you to choose from. Visit today!

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