Friday, September 4, 2015

BOTD : Loreal Miss Manga Mascara (False Lash Waterproof)

Hello hello friends! I just cant wait to share with you my experience with this mascara. It is bad? Is it good? Awesome? Well, you just have to read this entry up until the end of it to find out more! hehe
I believe the other parts of the world has already been testing out this mascara a while back. Only recently that this mascara is available here in Malaysia, all Malaysian beauty community went nuts about it! Same goes to me. I don’t feel like trying it out at first as I do have my favorite mascara now but then, what the heck. It’s a mascara anyway and all these hype makes me want to test it out more.
The packaging is okay I think. If you look at it, it might have that expensive look on it but when you hold it, it feels plastic and very lightweight. The color shows a little bit like anime kind of color which suits the name of the mascara itself, Miss Manga. Manga = anime = cartoons I guess.
It stated on the tube that it could creates a False Lash 360 degree Big Open Eyes Effect. Wow. Very promising indeed!
What makes it says that it could create a big open eyes effect? I believe it is the wand of this mascara itself. It has a curved wand with brush bristles. I LOVE brush bristles rather than a plastic ones. This brush feels very soft on the eye lashes and surprisingly, it does not clump my lashes at all! Great value for a waterproof mascara without any clumps!
It claims to be waterproof. At first I doubt it. A cheap drugstore mascara claims to be waterproof. But actually, it is! I cried in this mascara, I sweat in this mascara and it does not smudge or runny at all! Kudos to Loreal for creating such a great formulation. Even the application is very easy, a no clump wand. If people say waterproof mascara, some get so afraid of removing it. But this mascara is very easy to remove. I am very surprised with it. This mascara has set my mind onto a new level of drugstore mascara.
So far, there’s nothing bad I can say about this mascara. I am loving each time I have it on my lashes. I suggest if you are looking for an affordable waterproof mascara that really works, please do try this one. I could not remember the price but I think it is around RM30++ :)
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  1. Okay. I'm currently looking for new mascara. Thank you for this review. I'll check up later at watsons or guardian.

    1. Try this one if you want a waterproof mascara!! hehe

  2. Dah lama cari maskara yang ok. nak try yang ni Tq for sharing..


    1. Salam Blogwalking:

    2. Hehe! Thanks for reading. Cuba guna this mascara! Awesome for a drugstore waterproof mascara. :D


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