Monday, September 14, 2015

Budget Trip : Langkawi 3D 2N (Itinerary & Prices!)

Hello friends! I always feel like writing a post about holidays (might be turning into a travel blogger soon eh? HAHA :P) but i dont really take nice photos while im on holiday as i tend to cherish it there and then. But for this time around, i feel like sure, no problem on sharing it in my blog eh? Who knows there’ll be people who will be travelling to Langkawi soon might want to know where can they get the best car rental prices, the best food to eat and what should they do in Langkawi, budget style? So, that is why this post were being uploaded.

Our Langkawi trip was for just 3D 2N but we did actually covered most of the activities there. I mean, we did the major ones like Mangrove and Cable Car riding. I know 3 days is not enough but it’s ok. We can always go back to Langkawi anytime in this near future.

First things first, as a budget traveller, you’ll always look for the cheapest in anything that you will be paying off. Flights can be one of the expensive purchase in this trip. To me, it is best to list down all possible flights that you will be using and list down all of their prices. For Air Asia, you might want to select baggage and seats as well cause that’ll be your final price figure. Use the table below to finalize everything.

Flight ticket (1 person) : Return  One-Way
Air Asia     
Malaysia Airlines    
Malindo Air    

These would be the airlines that i am considering taking to Langkawi and back to Kuala Lumpur. I know most people would not even look at one way prices but let me share it with you, it’s cheaper by RM200 if you are clever enough to play around with the prices. ;)

Next it’ll be accommodation. You have to tell yourself are you going to spend the rest of your day in the room or are you going to do outdoor activities and spend less time in room? I uses my favourite app for Hotel Room findings which is Trivago. The best part is that you can actually book the room without paying anything and it’s FREE Cancelation (on certain hotels)! I booked a few hotel rooms but ended up staying at Federal Villa Resort, a hotel under Holiday Villa Resort. First thing is that we would want to be near Pantai Cenang but not too into Pantai Cenang. So, this hotel is perfect.


(It was raining to the last day of our trip. View from Hotel Balcony)

Car Rental comes next. If you are more of a bike person, i am so sorry i never rented a bike in Langkawi before this. Car rental’s are everywhere in Langkawi. I like to have it booked before i was there to avoid the expensive charges. As my favourite thing is to Google around, i google ‘Cheap Car Rental Langkawi’ and found out about this blog, Eyzamiel. She did shared a contact number of a car rental which has a blog; Car Langkawi. I looked at the prices and it was seriously cheap! It’s like 50% cheaper than the other famous car rental. Plus, they gave receipts too. If you are planning to visit Langkawi please contact them for an affordable car rental prices!

Now, all the important stuffs are done, it’s time to plan your itinerary. I know Langkawi from the back of my hands. I have been there for almost every year. So, building up an itinerary is not a problem for me. I only have to search for the prices and all budget is done. The best time to visit Langkawi is before end of September. That is when the monsoon season starts to kick in.

My main activity in Langkawi would be Mangrove but i do not want to wake up early in the morning and queue up for that. So, what i did was i prebook my Mangove trip by sending a Whatsapp to a number that i found from a Mangrove website. Alif Mangrove is the name and their website is; Langkawi Mangrove Tours. To me, this is by far the cheapest price for a Mangrove. If you have more people joining, you’ll pay much lesser cause it is being calculated as per Boat and not per Head. We took the RM200 tour and get the boat to ourselves! As a master planner for this trip, it was such a nice day to start your trip with Mangrove.



The second activity that we have done took place on the next day. After a 2 hours full of Mangrove, we went to Air Hangat Night Market and bought some foods for us to take back to the hotel. We stopped by at Laksa Power for a bowl of Laksa before heading back to the Hotel. It was a tiring day so we decided to just stay in bed and sleep.

Second day! Our first activity is to get some breakfast! We ate at Tomato Restaurant (mamak restaurant) and i love their Roti Canai. Apparently, they did cook each roti canai fresh so that’s good! Then we decided to stop by at the Cable Car to purchase the tickets. Apparently, they have time timing rides now so the latest timing would be at 1.45am. It was around 11.30am at that time. We get our tickets and decided to visit a crocodile farm just to pass the time. Plus, it’s quite near from the Cable Car so why not.


It was flaming hot at the Crocodile Farm. Well, just to let you all know, if you searched Crocodile Farm through google it will direct you to a different place. This crocodile farm is situated at Jalan Datai, Kampung Kubang Badak. Please do visit this place. The entrance fee it RM 18 (MyKAD Adult) and RM13 (MyKID) for tourists outside Malaysia, the fee would be RM25 (adult) and RM18 (kids). Follow their Facebook Page for more exciting activities!


We did went to Pekan Kuah for a stroll and to just see what’s new in town. Chocolates are everywhere and it’s cheap! Cigarettes and alcohols too. It’s a duty free island, what’d expect! :)

Last day is the day we went to the beach, finally. It was raining in the morning but around 10am it was clear sky. We went for a swim at the swimming pool too. It’s a relaxation day for us. I personally booked a later flight for us to have at least another day at Langkawi. All hotel and car has been extended until 4pm and 7pm respectively.


Overall, it was a short and packed trip. We did not managed to visit Underwater World, Wildlife Park and island hopping. It’s okay, i can assure you that you’ll be seeing another post on Langkawi soon! ;)

Till then,



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