Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Just A Little Wishlist Post

Hello friends. How is your day today? Despite the haze that is currently overwhelming Malaysia and Singapore, i think my day is perfect. I dont really have anything makeup-y too talk about in my blog nowadays. I dont buy new makeup product anymore as i am saving my pennies and dollars and ringgit for the Holiday Gift makeup sets. I just cant wait to borong everything this year end! But, although i did not purchase any new stuffs at the point of time, i have been using the old and existing makeup that i have as i never had this experience of using each and every one of them before. It has been great so far.

Lets start with my wish list for now. I give myself a year to complete all of my wishes in this wishlist.

Makeup stuffs

This wishlist will only be what’s in trend. As for now, i am eyeing on the Urban Decay Smokey Palette. Oh my i have swatch most of the shadows and they all look amazing! This palette retails at RM199 at Sephora.


(Picture taken from UrbanDecay.com)

ColourPop Cosmetics are so in right now. I wish i could purchase all of them here in Malaysia instead of having to get the shipping paid from the USA. The colours are super tempting and the products are affordable too. I have heard so many good things about this brand. Just wish that they could have it here in Malaysia. But if so, i bet the prices would be nonetheless similar to NYX.

Screen Shot 09-15-15 at 12.01 PM

(Taken from colourpop.com)

Another product from Urban Decay which has been in my list since the launch of Vice 3. It’s the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette. I dont have Vice 3 Palette so i think this purchase is necessary. ;P It has not being launched in Malaysia as yet so i am not so sure about the pricing. I bet it’ll be similar to Vice 3.


(Taken from UrbanDecay.com)

There are many more other products that i am eyeing on such as the LORAC MEGA PRO 2 Palette which is not being sold in Malaysia. You can only get it at ULTA Beauty for $59. I wish i could visit USA for a while just to get all of the latest makeup products. The list of my makeup wishlist will never end. It’ll go on and on.


I have always been loving to have the opportunity to travel. Travelling is something that i can do each week if possible. I want to travel freely, not because of work or anything else. Travelling is also one of the reason why i did not purchase a lot of new makeup products this year.

I am looking forward to go to Lombok & Krabi. I know it’s a bit overrated but i want to visit those places myself. I want to see and feel the environment and culture. Those are the affordable ones i guess. My travel lists continues as and when i feel like travelling.


(Lombok Island)


(Krabi Island)

I would also have a dream to travel to Mecca, Sweden, Germany, USA, Russia and many more. I like to travel to places where it has 70% scenery and 30% activity. I would like to travel to the end of the world, which i have no idea where. Haha.

Well, i do have many things that i wishes to have or do throughout this one whole year. Of course some might involve big money so i wont be writing that one down here as yet.

Hopefully i could cross some of my wishlist and make it a reality.

Till then,


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