Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Prom Dresses [Vol 1] : Jecica Dress (Cocktail Dress)

Good day friends! Have you ever wondered on how you could get the best and affordable dresses (ships online throughout the world) for your prom, dinner and other occasions? I came across this website which has loads of pretty dresses that could fit each and every types of body.

Have you ever imagine owning a dress that could make you feel like a princess, pretty and gorgeous all at the same time? Don’t you want to have a dress that is totally will blow your partner’s mind away when he sees you for the first time? Have you been planning to have your dream dress but still could not find the RIGHT one?

To me, a pretty dress should be flowy. It should shows the elegance of the dress and the most important part would be the colour of the dress. I like my dress to be dark and mysterious. One thing as it could cover up the fatness that I have throughout my body and secondly, I think dark colours are more sophisticated and elegance. That is why I personally selected this dress by Jecica Dress. It is their Chiffon Empire One Shoulder dress which would look stunning on anybody else and perhaps me too.


When I saw this dress on the website, I fall in love with it instantly. It is just a perfect cocktail or prom dress for me. At least, this would be my benchmark if I ever go to prom or attended a cocktail dinner. I adore the asymmetrical criss cross cut at the ends of the dress. It will make my legs look a little bit longer than it used to as I am just 161 cm tall. The front and back of the dress is also important. As elegance is my theme, the dress should have minimal diamante and should not be way too revealing.


The back of the dress is simply simple. I like how it is just a one shoulder kind of dress, makes it easier to move around (dancing I mean).


This dress is very pretty to my eyes. I love the detailing of it, I love how it flows and I love the design of the dress as well. Just imagine when you dance in this dress, how beautiful the flows would be and you will be looking like an elegance princess. Shouldn’t every girl deserve to look pretty, awesome and elegance at the same time? If you are looking for a prom dress, cocktail dress or even a night dinner dress, I suggest you to visit JecicaDress.com now. They do ship internationally with the charges of Euro25. They have many other designs and dresses for you to choose from. Visit today!


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