Thursday, September 3, 2015

Short Trip Holiday & Tips (Langkawi)

Hello dear friends! Thank you for reading my blog. I know I have not been uploading about my daily life in this blog. If you have been following my blog or have been reading my blog since day 1, you’d know that this blog started as my personal story kinda blog. I wrote things that I did, what happened. It used to be my diary. Now, the direction has changed a bit. It has become like a beauty / fashion kind of blog. But still, I would like to post about other things as well. ;)

If you have been following me on my instagram, you’d know that I went for a short trip to Langkawi last Friday. It was a short trip but I ended up having fun. I did get a little bit stressed up when it comes to the last day cause my long waiting trip is ending soon but then, I can always say that I’ll be back to Langkawi again.


I boarded Malindo Air for the first time and I am super liking it now. I think it could top Air Asia in no time! Malindo Air is like a cheap version of Malaysia Airlines (now known as Malaysia Airlines Berhad). Free baggage, free drinks, free biscuits, free in flight entertainment (you have to bring your own headphone for this as it’s a short haul flight), what more can you ask? I know most of you here must be an avid traveller, you must be purchasing a return flight ticket instead of one-way. As a budget traveller like me, I tend to count every cents possible so that I could have the  best time in Langkawi. Therefore, one of my tips is, please do calculation of flights, one-way and return for all possible airlines. I did the calculation for about 3 airlines, MAB, Malindo & Air Asia and it turns out that the best way and cheapest would be depart with Malindo and return by Air Asia.


If you are planning to visit an island like me, it is best if you could pack a bag of uncooked rice together with you as well. This is actually for your smart phones (unless if you own a waterproof phones then it is ok). I did have a waterproof casing together with me and decided to test it out when I was swimming at the beach. It turns out that the casing get torn apart and there’s sea salt water inside the case, entering my smartphone. I did not have a bag of uncooked rice with me at that time so the best thing that I could do is to switch off my phone immediately. Well, I still think that a bag of uncooked rice during the incident time would be much helpful. Although my phone is okay now, still please do bring a zip lock of uncooked rice for your safety.


Makeup stuffs! Yes! I could not go out without at least a foundation on my face, cause I need it. Instead of having to put all those sunblock onto my face and then layering it with a layer of foundation on top, the best thing is to bring a foundation that has SPF in it already. Makes it easier for you to do your makeup and less things to carry with you as well. But, I still have my sun block ready for the other parts of my body. Hehe.


Many people do not do this but I think a bag tag could actually save your bag from getting stolen or lost. I had mine as above (yes I love hello kitty) and it is very easy to spot my bag from afar. Please do invest on a bag tag if you think your bag looking similar to the other travellers.

Last but not least, please do bring an extension cord with you, wherever you go. You might not know how many plugs are there inside your hotel room. Yes you can also ask for the cord fromthe House Keeping but sometimes, some hotels they do not provide that. It is best for you to bring it from home and have all you amenities charged. Cameras, phones, tablets.


It was indeed, one of the best trip I had I Langkawi this time around. Well, till I see you again Langkawi. Hopefully next year. ;)

Till then,


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