Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lux Magical Spell winner!

Dear friends! Thank you for reading my blog and entering the contest that was running for 2 weeks! Today is the closing date and I already have the name of the 2 lucky winners!
Congratulations to Keiko & Mama Darwiish!!

Your details will be send to Lux for them to contact you soon! Enjoy the magical spell with 8 hours of long lasting fine fragrance by Lux. You will LOVE it!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

BOTD : Skinlite Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Peel Off Mask

Hello dear friends! I am back with another review. Firstly, i would like to apologize if this review is lacking of picture as when i tried to peel off the mask, my face went red and i look hideous. Haha. Nope, it was not because of the mask, just because i put way too thin of the product on my face and it is quite hard to peel the mask off. IMG_6243
This is how the packaging of the mask looks like. I have not been using peel off mask for a while now. I think my last peel off mask would be the charcoal Daiso face mask and that one is a hell to peel it off my face. So this time around, i say let’s try this one! Maybe this wont be as bad as the Daiso peel off mask. Hehe.
Well, this face mask has two treatments gel which is in a separate packaging. Each package has 7ml of mask gel which is not that much if you have larger face than me.
As mentioned above, the two masks can be tear at the middle. You can use one and keep the other one for future use.
This mask has a gel texture to it and it is super super super sticky! Like seriously sticky! I hate sticky stuffs but it is supposed to be sticky as it needs to stick onto your face.
So far, i still do not like peel of mask just to tell you the truth. I think they just makes me suffer when it comes to peel it off on my face. I do not know what is the real purpose of having a peel off mask except for pore cleaning which is what this mask is all about. With just one usage, i think i need to use more of it to see the results.
Well, i know this blog has no purpose at all. I am just showing you this gel peel of mask. haha. What is your favourite peel of mask? Please do share with me.
Till then,

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BOTD : Indeed Laboratories; Filume Volumising Serum

Hello friends! I have a very exciting products to share with you today. It may looks weird at first cause this is a very unknown face products in Malaysia as yet but you can get it at MUSE by Watsons or in certain Watsons Pharmacy itself.

Indeed Laboratories is a brand from Canada. They are quite famous with their Best Seller Nanoblur which is said that can be a soft, camera lens filter effect applied directly to the surface of your face. I have tire the sample before and was surprise by the effect that they have.


Just look at the pretty box. All Indeed Laboratories have such colorful box to indicate each of their products and this one comes in purple color! On the box, they had a lot of information of this particular product. Full of it! It is all over the box with not just English language but they also have other languages as well.


This is some of the important information about this product. It says;

1. To restore facial contours

2. Improve skin firmness, suppleness and elasticity

3. Improve the appearance of line and wrinkles

4. Increase skin’s hydration level and stimulate skin renewal

5. Improve the tone and the texture of skin

Well, looks like they promise everything good when it comes to this product. I did give it a try for about 3 weeks and surprisingly it does shows some results on the second week I applied it. Oh by the way, I only applied it once in a day, either AM or PM.



Tadaa! The product! It comes in a tube bottle with 1.0 US fl.oz or 30ml of product inside it. For me, this could last a longer time as I only applied it once a day. You are actually recommended to apply it twice a day.


This is how Filume looks like. It’s gel based and did not feel any sticky at all after applying it. I love a product where you can just apply it without having to wash your hands after that because of the stickiness.


I will try to apply this product onto the back of my hands. Notice that I do have those fine lines on my small hand there. Lets see if Filume can actually instantly remove them all.


With one pea size (recommended by Indeed Laboratories) of Filume, I can see that well..my fine line is a bit blurred now. With constant usage of this product, I believe that it could make a difference to these fine lines. Well, I did noticed that my face is a little bit firmed on the second week of applying it. You cannot see that through a picture. You have to test it out for yourself.

You could go to Muse by Watsons facebook page to know more about this product or go to Indeed Laboratories website & Facebook for more details.

Thank you Amanda for sponsoring me this amazing product! It is sure works for a sensitive skin like me. It does not triggers my acne but still, hormones are hormones. They will give out acne whenever they want to ey? :)

Till then,


The Music Run By AIA

Last Saturday i had a totally fun day. I entered my first fun run of 5km and i am enjoying every moment of it. Maybe cause i was running (or walking) alone so i can do whatever i want to. It was fun for me being along on the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) walking / running with other hundreds of participants. It was an epic traffic right on the exit to SIC from KLIA toll.


(And yes i was listening to fly.fm. My favourite radio channel as for now)

Arrived at SIC around 5.15, park at the most far parking space ever cause my car heated up and i need to stop the car engine immediately. Well, my car fan is broken so i have to change it ASAP!


As we reached inside SIC, it was around 5.15pm but there are still many people wandering around outside the SIC. I wonder what time is the actual flag off cause we were mentioned that the timing for flag off would be at 5pm but still at 5.20pm people were still happily walking around. The place for take off is also very hard to find as there is no direction / map provided. We were clueless at first so we just follow people who also looks quite lost. Haha.

If you are not familiar with The Music Run, it is a 5km Fun Run where across the running track they will play music according to the genre. We first enter the Rock lane for 1km. This fun run is a little bit ‘interactive’ as they have selfie booths for the runners to take their valuable selfies with mascots like below. Haha



Well, the journey from one music to another takes about 1km and i did have fun while strolling around alone. The next song would be Pop! They played the loudest Katy Pery songs and it was AWESOME! The only thing that is bothering me would be the notification that comes with the song. I guess they used an iPhone and Spotify app to project the songs. Haha.



It was nearly sunset when i have gone through 2.5 km of the run. It is fun to have experienced walking on an F1 tarmac as i used to watch F1 when i was about 20 / 21 years old with my dad. Now i am walking on it!


There is only one water stop and this is how it looks like. Everybody swarmed the water ladies, holding a paper cup for them to fill in 100Plus drink. One cup is good for me as it was too many people and i do not want to go through begging for another cup again.


The 3rd km is the Old School theme song. Well, not that old school for me cause they played songs like backstreet boys and spice girls. Haha. Oh my i feel sooooo old now if this is some old school songs that they are playing.


After old school it is time for Hip Hop! I can listen to Alicia Keys from afar and here i met with this gorgeous babe from AirAsia. She’s running with her friend and she saw me. Haha.IMG_6183


I now arrived at the last stage which is DANCE! Well not to lie, i love dance songs whenever i a driving down the road alone. I love to burst my bass off and listen to some good dance songs. Not the feng tau kinda songs but more towards like Calvin Harris, Kygo, David Guetta. Well, those upstream kind of artists.


Towards the finishing line, there’s this water splash to freshen up before receiving our medals.



So yay! It took me 56 mins to finish up my first 5km run. Ehem. haha. It is not something that i should be proud of eh? haha



After finishing the run, it was concert time! Well, there’s no one singing more towards like someone is DJ-ing on the stage with some people dancing around it, throwing t-shirts and all that kind of stuff. I did not stay long as i am not into these kinda thing anyway.

So there it goes! My first Fun Run! You can click and LIKE their Facebook page


for more details. I am not sure if they will have it again next year but i am hoping they will!

Till then,


Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I know most of us grow up with Lux soap brand. I can still remember my mom used to buy the bar soap from lux and it smells so incredibly nice. It was back then when Lux is the only brand that i can see at home because it has so many different scents from the different variants.


Let me introduce you to a special variant that is close to my heart: Lux Magical Spell. We don’t want to live life smelling bad with body odour, right? Lux Magical Spell has a scent made from the very unmistakeable Black Orchid, combined with the opening notes of Juniper Oil and prefect blending of dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean, you will never want to use another body wash, ever!

The best part about Lux Magical Spell is that it has a long lasting fine fragrance that can lasts for up to 8 hours! Imagine having a shower in the morning with the scent of Lux Magical Spell lingers through your skin – you will feel uplifted and your confidence will shine through. Then, when you step out of the house, you will feel like a million dollar lady and can do anything you desire and accept any hiccups that comes your way.

Whenever you pump Lux Magical Spell onto your hands, the scent will take charge of the whole of your bathroom and makes it an enjoyable bath time. Let’s test it out and see if the scent can really last until up to 8 hours!


In the morning, I used Lux Magical Spell for my morning bath. I just can’t hate the smell, it is just that good!


Lux Magical Spell is a great idea of a timeless way to build confidence and in a fun way. All you had to do is just lather your entire body with Lux Magical Spell and you will have the smell of it lingers through your skin for up to 8 hours! It gives you that boost you need to feel fresh and confident all day long. I know I feel Bold & Beautiful whenever I step out of my house after using Lux Magical Spell.

Experience an indulgent and luxurious shower in just three steps:

Step One: Lux

Wet the loofah in the shower and then pour just a little Lux Magical Spell on the loofah.

Step Two: Loofah

Gently massage the loofah to work into a rich, luxurious lather and enjoy the intense and alluring fragrance of Lux Magical Spell.

Step Three: Lather

Massage all over your body to let the luxurious lather and its enchanting fragrance embrace your skin and senses!

Want to win yourself a huge and heavy basket RM100 worth of Lux products? Find out below!

1. Answer the questions by leaving a comment inside the comment box.

2. Leave your name and email address when you answer as well.

Thank you & good luck!


1. List down the ingredients that makes Lux Magical Spell smells good!

2. Answer the slogan tag “I want to win the RM100 lux hamper because……” for less than 25 words.

Contest will be running until 27th October 2015! So hurry up!

Thank you

Till then,


Friday, October 9, 2015

Domain Haywire!

Hello friends. I know it’s been such a long long time i have been MIA. Actually, my domain registrar went haywire. I did renewed the domain price but they did not continue my domain service. I am still trying to do my best to get back my domain but it’s been nearly 2 weeks now without any news. I did domain transfering, i did pay bunch of money for the renewals and stuffs but it seems like they did not do anything.

I am very furious at them now.

Anyway, let me just use back my old blogspot url for this while and hopefully i could get a new domain soon!

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