Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BOTD : Indeed Laboratories; Filume Volumising Serum

Hello friends! I have a very exciting products to share with you today. It may looks weird at first cause this is a very unknown face products in Malaysia as yet but you can get it at MUSE by Watsons or in certain Watsons Pharmacy itself.

Indeed Laboratories is a brand from Canada. They are quite famous with their Best Seller Nanoblur which is said that can be a soft, camera lens filter effect applied directly to the surface of your face. I have tire the sample before and was surprise by the effect that they have.


Just look at the pretty box. All Indeed Laboratories have such colorful box to indicate each of their products and this one comes in purple color! On the box, they had a lot of information of this particular product. Full of it! It is all over the box with not just English language but they also have other languages as well.


This is some of the important information about this product. It says;

1. To restore facial contours

2. Improve skin firmness, suppleness and elasticity

3. Improve the appearance of line and wrinkles

4. Increase skin’s hydration level and stimulate skin renewal

5. Improve the tone and the texture of skin

Well, looks like they promise everything good when it comes to this product. I did give it a try for about 3 weeks and surprisingly it does shows some results on the second week I applied it. Oh by the way, I only applied it once in a day, either AM or PM.



Tadaa! The product! It comes in a tube bottle with 1.0 US fl.oz or 30ml of product inside it. For me, this could last a longer time as I only applied it once a day. You are actually recommended to apply it twice a day.


This is how Filume looks like. It’s gel based and did not feel any sticky at all after applying it. I love a product where you can just apply it without having to wash your hands after that because of the stickiness.


I will try to apply this product onto the back of my hands. Notice that I do have those fine lines on my small hand there. Lets see if Filume can actually instantly remove them all.


With one pea size (recommended by Indeed Laboratories) of Filume, I can see that fine line is a bit blurred now. With constant usage of this product, I believe that it could make a difference to these fine lines. Well, I did noticed that my face is a little bit firmed on the second week of applying it. You cannot see that through a picture. You have to test it out for yourself.

You could go to Muse by Watsons facebook page to know more about this product or go to Indeed Laboratories website & Facebook for more details.

Thank you Amanda for sponsoring me this amazing product! It is sure works for a sensitive skin like me. It does not triggers my acne but still, hormones are hormones. They will give out acne whenever they want to ey? :)

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