Thursday, October 22, 2015

BOTD : Skinlite Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Peel Off Mask

Hello dear friends! I am back with another review. Firstly, i would like to apologize if this review is lacking of picture as when i tried to peel off the mask, my face went red and i look hideous. Haha. Nope, it was not because of the mask, just because i put way too thin of the product on my face and it is quite hard to peel the mask off. IMG_6243
This is how the packaging of the mask looks like. I have not been using peel off mask for a while now. I think my last peel off mask would be the charcoal Daiso face mask and that one is a hell to peel it off my face. So this time around, i say let’s try this one! Maybe this wont be as bad as the Daiso peel off mask. Hehe.
Well, this face mask has two treatments gel which is in a separate packaging. Each package has 7ml of mask gel which is not that much if you have larger face than me.
As mentioned above, the two masks can be tear at the middle. You can use one and keep the other one for future use.
This mask has a gel texture to it and it is super super super sticky! Like seriously sticky! I hate sticky stuffs but it is supposed to be sticky as it needs to stick onto your face.
So far, i still do not like peel of mask just to tell you the truth. I think they just makes me suffer when it comes to peel it off on my face. I do not know what is the real purpose of having a peel off mask except for pore cleaning which is what this mask is all about. With just one usage, i think i need to use more of it to see the results.
Well, i know this blog has no purpose at all. I am just showing you this gel peel of mask. haha. What is your favourite peel of mask? Please do share with me.
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