Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Music Run By AIA

Last Saturday i had a totally fun day. I entered my first fun run of 5km and i am enjoying every moment of it. Maybe cause i was running (or walking) alone so i can do whatever i want to. It was fun for me being along on the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) walking / running with other hundreds of participants. It was an epic traffic right on the exit to SIC from KLIA toll.


(And yes i was listening to My favourite radio channel as for now)

Arrived at SIC around 5.15, park at the most far parking space ever cause my car heated up and i need to stop the car engine immediately. Well, my car fan is broken so i have to change it ASAP!


As we reached inside SIC, it was around 5.15pm but there are still many people wandering around outside the SIC. I wonder what time is the actual flag off cause we were mentioned that the timing for flag off would be at 5pm but still at 5.20pm people were still happily walking around. The place for take off is also very hard to find as there is no direction / map provided. We were clueless at first so we just follow people who also looks quite lost. Haha.

If you are not familiar with The Music Run, it is a 5km Fun Run where across the running track they will play music according to the genre. We first enter the Rock lane for 1km. This fun run is a little bit ‘interactive’ as they have selfie booths for the runners to take their valuable selfies with mascots like below. Haha



Well, the journey from one music to another takes about 1km and i did have fun while strolling around alone. The next song would be Pop! They played the loudest Katy Pery songs and it was AWESOME! The only thing that is bothering me would be the notification that comes with the song. I guess they used an iPhone and Spotify app to project the songs. Haha.



It was nearly sunset when i have gone through 2.5 km of the run. It is fun to have experienced walking on an F1 tarmac as i used to watch F1 when i was about 20 / 21 years old with my dad. Now i am walking on it!


There is only one water stop and this is how it looks like. Everybody swarmed the water ladies, holding a paper cup for them to fill in 100Plus drink. One cup is good for me as it was too many people and i do not want to go through begging for another cup again.


The 3rd km is the Old School theme song. Well, not that old school for me cause they played songs like backstreet boys and spice girls. Haha. Oh my i feel sooooo old now if this is some old school songs that they are playing.


After old school it is time for Hip Hop! I can listen to Alicia Keys from afar and here i met with this gorgeous babe from AirAsia. She’s running with her friend and she saw me. Haha.IMG_6183


I now arrived at the last stage which is DANCE! Well not to lie, i love dance songs whenever i a driving down the road alone. I love to burst my bass off and listen to some good dance songs. Not the feng tau kinda songs but more towards like Calvin Harris, Kygo, David Guetta. Well, those upstream kind of artists.


Towards the finishing line, there’s this water splash to freshen up before receiving our medals.



So yay! It took me 56 mins to finish up my first 5km run. Ehem. haha. It is not something that i should be proud of eh? haha



After finishing the run, it was concert time! Well, there’s no one singing more towards like someone is DJ-ing on the stage with some people dancing around it, throwing t-shirts and all that kind of stuff. I did not stay long as i am not into these kinda thing anyway.

So there it goes! My first Fun Run! You can click and LIKE their Facebook page

for more details. I am not sure if they will have it again next year but i am hoping they will!

Till then,


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