Sunday, November 29, 2015

Event : Sephora Glam Glow Event

Hello friends! I am super excited to blog about this! This event would be my first Sephora event since i received my first Black Card. I did RSVPed to other Sephor events but never get through. Probably i was lucky this time :)
The event was held in front of The Robinsons Sephora and they had a huge pavillion there where all the non invitees could also take part (but they did not get the door gift though). I arrived quite early around 1:30pm and the event starts at 2.pp pm. I registered myself and then went for a stoll in the Sephora before the event starts.

The event was well organized i would say. My only concern is that it is a free exploring event so when i entered the event place, i have no clue which way or what to do. So i started to take some pictures and then following others who are doing the product demo. Just listen to the presentation of Glam Glow by Sephora's beauty gurus and then i can see other invitees  were like, have no clue what to do. They started to do their own thing. Playing woth phones, some were eating and some just clueless. I was hoping that anybody from the Sephora's team would gather these people around and start to talk to them. Afterall, they are all Black Card members, who did purchaed a lot from Sephora. Well, just my two cents.

Glam Glow products are well known to most of Malaysian beauty gurus. Starting from their first product being sold here in Malaysia, now they have many to offer. They have facial foams too for different types of skin.

The sales person from Sephora did get busy with the people who are non invitees but i did managed to listen to their 'pitching' sessions as well. Lending my ears. Hehe

Overall, i think this is an okay event. Did managed to grab the tester from
Glam Glow and also a RM50 Sephora voucher which is valid during the event day only and only for Glam Glow products.
Hopefully i could attend more of Sephora's event in the future.
Till then,

Friday, November 27, 2015


Hello friends! Happy Friday! I would like to just introduce you to Dayre. It is something like an online dairy where you can post anything that you want to and it will be sort on a day basis. It is like a mini blog for you to go through your lovely life. :)

I do have a Dayre account, just recently become very active in it since i only know how to use it like, few days back. Haha. It was quite fun to use actually but too bad it does not have any apps for ipad as yet. Do check out my Dayre profile, build up yours or follow me if you have one. I’ll follow back! :)


Happy Friday! :)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Zalora Basics! (With Zalora Discount Coupon Code!)

Hello friends! Today i would like to declare this on my blog. I LOVE Zalora Basics clothing. I wish they could have more basics clothing in the future. My first encounter with Zalora Basics was when i was looking for a new watch and there was this huge banner of Zalora Basics on the landing page. It was fate to me as i clicked it and purchased some of the items which was on sale. It was just a basic plain t-shirt and when it arrived, i fell in love with it instantly! The material is so soft and out of this world! It’s cooling to wear too. I just love the fact that they do have so many colors to choose from for certain t-shirt designs.

AS a huge fan of plain colors, i purchased more and more of the t-shirts, dresses and pants from Zalora Basics. Recently, i purchased several basics t-shirts from Zalora Basics and it was super AWESOME!


I just want to share with all of you who are still looking for a basic clothing wear, i will definitely tell you to look for Zalora Basics. They have almost everything from Woman to Man fashions and all are basic ones. It is affordable too. Some t-shirts could only costs you RM39 per piece! It is super comfy, super light and very nice to wear. They do have handbags and shoes as well!

I do have Zalora Coupon Code to share with all of you who are a first timer to purchase something from Zalora. Upon checkout, do enter this coupon code ZBAPQW5P and you will receive a discount 15% OFF total cart!

Till then,


BOTD : Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster

Hello friends! I am super excited to share with you about my new holy grail serum / gel / skin care product. If you did read my previous entry on Muse by Watsons event, you will definitely know that i did received this product in the goodie bag. I used to be very skeptical when it comes to expensive and non-famous skin care brands. Well, to be honest i am afraid to change my skin care regime from one to another as it will cause my skin to breakouts. But then again, I think I had found a new holy grail product for my skin apart from the skincare that i am using now.

It is the Hydraluron Moisture Booster with the purest hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronc acid is a very good substance to sustain moisture onto our skin. In fact, Hyaluronic acid is actually a natural structural component of skin, and, in fact, is present in connective tissue throughout the human body. I know most of us do have oily skin, why need more of the moisture when you do have the 'moisture' onto your skin already. Actually, moisturizer helps to prevent further loss of moisture onto our skin thus it will keep the skin moist and supple throughout the day. Remember, oily skin is not hydration but it is actually lacking in it.

If you do have oily skin and are afraid to try any cream moiturizers, I can suggest you to try this one out. Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster. It is not a creme base and it does not feel oily on the skin at all. The texture is a clear gel without any scent. At least i cannot smell anything that came out from the tube. Hehe. The box of this product did mentioned that the hydrating ingredient did holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. Can you imagine that? How moisturize this gel is?

  • Reinforce skin's natural short and long term moisturization
  • "Plump up" skin tissue to restore elasticity and firmness.
  • Reduce skin roughness and provides a soft, smooth and silky texture to the skin.
  • Boost the action of your moisturizer by stimulating cell turnover resulting in an improved absorption of active ingredients to the skin.

I have used this product for nearly two weeks now and I can already tell the difference between my skin without using it and after using it. My skin used to be very dull looking and oily at the T-Zone area. After using this product for a while now, i can see that my skin has less acne, is very moisturized balanced and a bit plumper. I love to touch my skin quite often now since it is not that oily anymore. I know this may sound superficial but i can guarantee you that this product works really well on my skin!

The clear gel can be seen here on the back of my hands. You only need this small pea amount of the gel to cover your entire face. Once applied, you can feel that you skin will become a bit tight and then becomes very smooth as it is also acts like a serum base. You need to apply this product before you do all of your other skin care routine in order for the gel to penetrates deep into your skin.

This Hydraluron Moisture Booster is now available at Muse by Watsons or certain Watsons that carries Muse by Watsons skin care. The price is RM115.60. A bit expensive but i can guarantee you that you wont regret not to have this product inside your daily skin routine. Do consult Muse by Watsons beauty advisor if you are keen to know more about this product, weather is it suitable for your skin and more.

Since it is very cold in my office, i can see that my skin now is not drying or getting oily. Picture above was taken last week on Friday. No editing involved and my skin looks like a normal skin. No oily and shining patches at all! Thanks to Hydraluron.

Do try the product today!

Till then,

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Perks of being a blogger

Hello friends. Happy day to all of you who are reading my blog now. I feel like writing a blog post about the perks of being a blogger. Although i can say that i am not a famous blogger, people do not recognise me at all actually. I don’t really participated in most of the bloggers event cause the timing is just not right for me. I do have a 9-5 job which consume most of my weekday time. But I'll try to accommodate the timing if the event is being done during weekends.

Well, i have been blogging since i knew internet. I have too many blogs to choose from, from all sorts of platform. Tumblr, blogger, wordpress, Friendster (i used to blog using Friendster platform a lot back in the good old days), a-Teens. Wow! Too many to list them all down. I have forgotten the links which i think it is still exists in the web world.

Some of the best thing about being a blogger is that, you get to blog whatever you want to. Some might be focusing only on certain areas such as beauty or travelling. But my blog would be very much on the beauty and lifestyle write ups. Sometimes, i do blog about my personal life as well here. So being a blogger, you can write whatever you want to as long as it is not something towards race, religion and sensitive issues. You may do so but you should bear with the consequences.

Apart from you can express your feelings towards blogging, if you are quite active in attending events and blog about it, you may get the change to be introduced to a PR company who will definitely find you if they do have new products to be launched and they need your marketing advise. hehe. Free gift and sometimes a full size makeup or skin care products for you to test out! You are also entitled to be among the first person to test out new products before it is being launched in the market. Cool right!

Apart from free gift and merchandise, sometimes you are also given a coupon code for you to purchase some items from their website. What a deal! I know it was not in a form of money or cash but still, you are being ‘paid’ in a form of coupon code which you can use and save some of your cash as well. I did a collaboration with one of the biggest online shopping company and they gave me a coupon code worth of RM100 for me to shop through their online website (which i did like, a lot!) and i bought 1 Jack Purcell Converse shoe and only have to pay RM124 for it instead of RM224! I saved up a lot!

So if you are thinking about how to start a blog, here are some tips for you.

  • Be yourself! Do not compare yourself to others. They have their own creativity and style of blogging. Each and everyone of us is free to write our own style.
  • Think about what you want to write. Your blog purposes. If you feel like writing about beauty products, your blog should have beauty products entry in it. If it is about travelling, then travelling it is.
  • Do not copy how other bloggers manage their blog. You can ask for advice but to copy is a BIG No-No.
  • Watermark your pictures (although i am a bit lazy to do that. haha)
  • If you do have several topics that you are covering inside your blog, label it out. It is easier for other readers to read and search inside your blog.
  • Oh yes, i think a search button would be nice to have in a blog as well.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

This is the shoe (the one on the left side) that i purchased online. It is a Converse Jack Purcell CP OX for ladies (low cut). The boyfie is wearing Converse Jack Purcell high cut. Matchie matchie!

Monday, November 23, 2015

TLC Festival 2015 (Malaysia)

Dear friends! Thank you for being such a patient, waiting for me to update my blog. I attended an event yesterday at Setia City Mall. I received an invitation from Jude, a representative from Watsons and agreed to attend the event at 2pm on 22nd Nov. It was a raining week in Malaysia and I am very afraid that what happened to the previous food festival, happens at this event.


The event was held at a huge space area in front of Setia City Mall. Since it was raining before I arrived at the venue, I bet the place would be very muddy and water all over. I was right.


When I arrived at the venue, there was not that many people and the event management people was trying their best to handle the muddy situation. What makes me feel kinda sad was that I asked a person with red TLC shirt on about the venue for the event that I am attending and he asked me to go to the mall as they are trying to fix the situation. Well, not helping at all. I did showed to them the invitation that I received but still he wants us to go to the mall so I try to searched for the event place myself. There was no direction or maps so not helping at all. Whoever they hired to take over this event, was not a good and experienced event planner at all.


The way they handled on the mud and everything was to put on some palettes on top of a ply wood. It was a good initiative but then too many people were standing on top of the palette and then there’s a human traffic if someone wants to stop and look at the food and drinks the stalls could offer.


Watsons has a huge stalls selling watsons stuffs and other brands that they carries as well.


When I found out where is the Pavilion Tent, it was super duper hot inside! It was an air conditioned tent but it seems like the air conditioned was not working at all! I was sweating all over and my le boyfriend could not stand the heat at all.




They did served unchilled bottle drinks which did helped to soothe the hotness inside the tent. As the event supposedly to start at 2pm, they delayed the timing up to 3.15pm.



It was then the MC, Derrik and these two brothers went inside the tent which was before that, being filled with the kids of joy.


You can imagine how crowded it was inside the hot non air conditioned tent. I wish they had some huge fans to top of the hotness. Everybody was sweating and sighing. I feel like fainted at one point just because it was too many people inside.


There were some activities involving the Kids from the Home of Joy. This is the cook off challenge. Those kids have to cook some dishes with the help of the Fabulous Baker Brother. I left right after they introduced the kids as I could not stand the heat anymore.


But thanks to Watsons for these goodies that I received. I did not even participated at the activities because it was really really hot and when I left, it is started to rain. Too bad. I hope that the organizer could check the weather in Malaysia before planning for an event. It was an absolute great event but to bad the weather could not corporate with it. See you all next year, perhaps.

Till then,


Friday, November 20, 2015

Law of Attraction

Hello friends. Today i feel like sharing my thoughts on the training that i attended last two days. It is on the law of attraction. When i said i went to the law of attraction training, the first question i received was “Who do you want to attract? guys?” Ha-Ha. Funny. :) Well, it is not about attraction towards who and what. Let me share with you one thing.

I watched The Secret dvd when i was with my previous employer. At that time, i have no idea things like this do exists. I always thought that things happened for a reason. Being a truly positive person, i always think that whenever i am positive, everything surrounds me are also positive. Well, this is how law of attraction works. When you want something and are attracted to it, bring positive vibes to yourself in order for you to receive the thing that you wanted. It’s like ASK + BELIEVE + RECEIVE. First you ask for the thing(s) that you want. Next, you have to believe that you will be having the thing(s) and believe that you have the thing(s) on your hands. One day, you will receive the real thing(s) in front of you. It may sound simple and stupid but it did happened to me. It may take time though to have the thing that you wanted. Some may come fast, some may takes about 1-2 years or even 10 years.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Ms. Lava, the trainer did engaged and explained to us on the law of attraction very well. Well, it is hard to make other people to understand on things that they cant see of even feel. Especially when those who attended were the ones who are not so into the law of attraction and for them to digest the information is pretty hard.

I always believe that our aura means a lot to our surroundings. We attract other things to become like us. This has been proven true. I always practise happiness towards others even though i am not happy. If we treat others badly, we will receive a bad feedback from them as well. I think we do not have to learn about the law of attraction to understand this. But many people do not feel that it is real. People nowadays are cruel and heart-less. How do they expect other people to treat them good when they themselves attracts a very negative vibes towards others.


There are saying that it all happens from your thoughts. From your thoughts, it’ll to to feelings. From feelings it will lead to action and last stage is that your action affects the results. It is a procedural thing and it is logical. I bet you this magical thing really happens weather you like it or not, or weather you control it consciously or not. Did you know that us human only use our brain for 10% on conscious thinking and 90% on subconscious thinking? Let say if i say, do you realize that you are breathing right now, do you think have to think to breathe? Now i bet you are thinking about breathing. That is how powerful our subconscious thinking thinks.

I will elaborate more on Law of Attraction if you would love to learn more on this topic. As for now, i’ll leave it here for you to think about it. Do appreciate the little things in life and you will learn that the power of the energy around you will affect you and your surroundings as well. Contact me at my email if you want to discuss privately about this. It is a very interesting topic to learn and discuss about.

Till then,


Thursday, November 19, 2015

BOTD : Muse By Watsons Indeed Labs Event

Dear friends! Last Saturday I attended an event by the Butterfly Project Malaysia. It was being held at Muse by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid. As usual, I always arrived quite early as it is hard to find a parking in Sunway Pyramid. Upon arrival, me and my man went for a lunch at AEON’s food court before proceeding to the event venue. When we were in front of Muse, we were greeted by the lovely Muse by Watsons beauty advisors. I registered myself and received a goodie bag!

Once entered, I straight away look at the make up collections that Muse has. All ranges from unknown brands to the one that is quite familiar. Then, I was greeted by a lovely lady named Amanda which I have met her several times already in the previous events. She briefed me on the activities and I was so happy to see that we could have a makeover session there and then!


The main actress of this event is the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster. The product was all over the counter and I just love how the packaging is pink in color. If you are not familiar with the brand Indeed Labs, they are quite famous at their origin country, Canada. Their famous product would be the nano-blur. I have tested out Nano-Blur before and it is awesome!


There are several activities that we could do that day and it was all FREE! Free express makeup was the only one that I love. I have done Hair Analysis and Skin Analysis before so I know I have oily scalp and a dry skin. :) So the purpose of this event is for us to do the complimentary given and then to take an insta video and upload them to our instagram account with the hashtag #indeedlabs #watsonsskinexpert and #butterflymsia and we could stand a chance to win a RM300 worth of gift!

Below are some of my videos posted on my Instagram. (Incase if the video below is not working)

I know I am not that creative when it comes to editing videos and putting it to a nice angle but I think that’s good enough for me. Hehe.



Several Hydraluron products by Indeed Labs. There are several types of products displayed. The Jelly, booster and exfoliator.


While waiting turns on the other complimentary checkups, we did have some fun scouting on tester things such as these eyelashes! Haha.


There were some cakes and chocolates served as well! I love fruit tarts! My favorite ever! Love the fact that they do have mineral water and ribena as well! Very well made tea party type of finger foods. Yummy!


This was the lip gloss used by the makeup artist on my lips when she did the complimentary express makeup. This lip gloss is from BE cosmetics and it is not that sticky at all! I hate sticky lip gloss but this one is just perfect for me. The color was also quite pigmented and very glossy! Might purchase them one day!

Towards the end, I looked for few other makeup products, tested them and will add them in my wish list soon. One of the product would be the 3CE pore minimizer. It acts like a primer to our skin even if we do have makeup on, we still can apply the product to receive a very flawless looking skin!

Overall, I am very happy with this simple but yet so meaningful event. Hopefully I could attend more of The Butterfly Project events in the future. Thank you so much for this opportunity, again. :)

Till then, do visit Muse by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid. They carries out huge amount of skin care products from all over the world. I am currently trying out the Hydraluron Moisture Booster. Will do a review on my blog and channel soon!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Zalora : Skirts! Skirts! Skirts!


If you are not in the mood for a dress, then skirts can come to the rescue! They are perfect for dressing up or down an outfit. But, which style for your amazing figure? Out there you can find a wide array of different styles of skirts. Sometimes it can be exhausting to find and know which one to choose. Don’t you ladies worry! All it takes is a good look right in the mirror and logic. Once you learn your own figure, you can start adding more skirts to your wardrobe. 


Get a skirt that suits your figure type. Below is an easy guide on how to choose the right skirt for your figure. 

  • Short figure – the best skirts for short figures are tapered straight, slimming skirts and A-line skirts. However you might want to avoid stiff A-line ones as they can make you appear squat. Length should be around your knee and remember if the skirt is either too short or too long; it can make you appear even shorter!

  • Thick waist – wear skirts that draw attention more to your legs and not your waist. Wear long and full skirts or short skirts. Avoid wearing a skirt with any embellishments around the middle, as they draw attention to your waist.

  • Curvy figure – skirts with subtle tapering are ideal for your type. Choose a skirt with a flat front, side or back zippers, drop-waists or no waistband, flat textures with a lil stretch, and soft, fluid fabrics to float over curves.

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