Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BOTD : Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette

Hello friends! Finally the review that I have been waiting for to be appear on my blog! Yay! I know it is a little bit outdated (hehe) to post about this palette now but I don’t think it is THAT late. I mean, not everybody purchased this palette as yet and if you are looking for some Christmas Presents for your girlfriends, mother, sister, best friends and whoever appreciates makeup, please do carry on and read this entry until the end.
Ladies and gentleman, presenting this new Naked Series palette from Urban Decay. I owned pretty much all of the naked series (except for Naked 2 as I sold it off on Carousel) this has been the latest baby so for for me.
It costs me RM199 at Sephora.
Just look at this beauty and admire it for just a little while. Isn’t this the prettiest palette you have ever seen from Urban Decay so far? I mean, minus the other fancy palette that they have, I think so far this is the prettiest palette in the Naked Series from Urban Decay.
This palette consists of 12 great pigmentation eye shadows. 4 would be matte and the other 8 are just shimmer and satin finished which I think is considerably okay.
If you are a fan of smokey eyes, this would be one of a MUST HAVE! The colors are not just focusing on just smokey, you can also make it as your everyday makeup look as well cause the colors are just darn pretty!
Notices that the 4 matte colors are actually placed at the back of the row, started with Password until Thirteen. Here are the close up photos of all 12 eye shadows. You’ll also get the dual eye shadow brush as well!
All of the shimmering eye shadows are very pigmented, as Urban Decay is very well known on that field. All were not too glittering chunky and it feels buttery on your lids. Their matte eye shadows however are better! It is super smooth, no powdering at all! Kudos!
IMG_0917 edit
As you can see, above are all 12 eye shadows swatched on my arm. No primers included and photo is taken at night without flash. So now it is pretty convincing that you should go to Sephora now and purchase this palette? :)
If you have owned it, do let me know in the comment box below if you like it or not. If you do have a youtube channel, do drop the link of your video tutorials too.
I give this palette a 10/10 rating cause it is just simply amazing!
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