Friday, November 20, 2015

Law of Attraction

Hello friends. Today i feel like sharing my thoughts on the training that i attended last two days. It is on the law of attraction. When i said i went to the law of attraction training, the first question i received was “Who do you want to attract? guys?” Ha-Ha. Funny. :) Well, it is not about attraction towards who and what. Let me share with you one thing.

I watched The Secret dvd when i was with my previous employer. At that time, i have no idea things like this do exists. I always thought that things happened for a reason. Being a truly positive person, i always think that whenever i am positive, everything surrounds me are also positive. Well, this is how law of attraction works. When you want something and are attracted to it, bring positive vibes to yourself in order for you to receive the thing that you wanted. It’s like ASK + BELIEVE + RECEIVE. First you ask for the thing(s) that you want. Next, you have to believe that you will be having the thing(s) and believe that you have the thing(s) on your hands. One day, you will receive the real thing(s) in front of you. It may sound simple and stupid but it did happened to me. It may take time though to have the thing that you wanted. Some may come fast, some may takes about 1-2 years or even 10 years.

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Ms. Lava, the trainer did engaged and explained to us on the law of attraction very well. Well, it is hard to make other people to understand on things that they cant see of even feel. Especially when those who attended were the ones who are not so into the law of attraction and for them to digest the information is pretty hard.

I always believe that our aura means a lot to our surroundings. We attract other things to become like us. This has been proven true. I always practise happiness towards others even though i am not happy. If we treat others badly, we will receive a bad feedback from them as well. I think we do not have to learn about the law of attraction to understand this. But many people do not feel that it is real. People nowadays are cruel and heart-less. How do they expect other people to treat them good when they themselves attracts a very negative vibes towards others.


There are saying that it all happens from your thoughts. From your thoughts, it’ll to to feelings. From feelings it will lead to action and last stage is that your action affects the results. It is a procedural thing and it is logical. I bet you this magical thing really happens weather you like it or not, or weather you control it consciously or not. Did you know that us human only use our brain for 10% on conscious thinking and 90% on subconscious thinking? Let say if i say, do you realize that you are breathing right now, do you think have to think to breathe? Now i bet you are thinking about breathing. That is how powerful our subconscious thinking thinks.

I will elaborate more on Law of Attraction if you would love to learn more on this topic. As for now, i’ll leave it here for you to think about it. Do appreciate the little things in life and you will learn that the power of the energy around you will affect you and your surroundings as well. Contact me at my email if you want to discuss privately about this. It is a very interesting topic to learn and discuss about.

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