Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Perks of being a blogger

Hello friends. Happy day to all of you who are reading my blog now. I feel like writing a blog post about the perks of being a blogger. Although i can say that i am not a famous blogger, people do not recognise me at all actually. I don’t really participated in most of the bloggers event cause the timing is just not right for me. I do have a 9-5 job which consume most of my weekday time. But I'll try to accommodate the timing if the event is being done during weekends.

Well, i have been blogging since i knew internet. I have too many blogs to choose from, from all sorts of platform. Tumblr, blogger, wordpress, Friendster (i used to blog using Friendster platform a lot back in the good old days), a-Teens. Wow! Too many to list them all down. I have forgotten the links which i think it is still exists in the web world.

Some of the best thing about being a blogger is that, you get to blog whatever you want to. Some might be focusing only on certain areas such as beauty or travelling. But my blog would be very much on the beauty and lifestyle write ups. Sometimes, i do blog about my personal life as well here. So being a blogger, you can write whatever you want to as long as it is not something towards race, religion and sensitive issues. You may do so but you should bear with the consequences.

Apart from you can express your feelings towards blogging, if you are quite active in attending events and blog about it, you may get the change to be introduced to a PR company who will definitely find you if they do have new products to be launched and they need your marketing advise. hehe. Free gift and sometimes a full size makeup or skin care products for you to test out! You are also entitled to be among the first person to test out new products before it is being launched in the market. Cool right!

Apart from free gift and merchandise, sometimes you are also given a coupon code for you to purchase some items from their website. What a deal! I know it was not in a form of money or cash but still, you are being ‘paid’ in a form of coupon code which you can use and save some of your cash as well. I did a collaboration with one of the biggest online shopping company and they gave me a coupon code worth of RM100 for me to shop through their online website (which i did like, a lot!) and i bought 1 Jack Purcell Converse shoe and only have to pay RM124 for it instead of RM224! I saved up a lot!

So if you are thinking about how to start a blog, here are some tips for you.

  • Be yourself! Do not compare yourself to others. They have their own creativity and style of blogging. Each and everyone of us is free to write our own style.
  • Think about what you want to write. Your blog purposes. If you feel like writing about beauty products, your blog should have beauty products entry in it. If it is about travelling, then travelling it is.
  • Do not copy how other bloggers manage their blog. You can ask for advice but to copy is a BIG No-No.
  • Watermark your pictures (although i am a bit lazy to do that. haha)
  • If you do have several topics that you are covering inside your blog, label it out. It is easier for other readers to read and search inside your blog.
  • Oh yes, i think a search button would be nice to have in a blog as well.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

This is the shoe (the one on the left side) that i purchased online. It is a Converse Jack Purcell CP OX for ladies (low cut). The boyfie is wearing Converse Jack Purcell high cut. Matchie matchie!


  1. A good reminder Anfaal! Yess.... a search button actually is a must! Well being yourself is such a good advice. Makin ramai kita kenal, makin ramai yang fake! hehehe

    1. Hehe! Yes Innanie! Muchas gracias sebab baca my blog! Tak sangka okehhh! xoxo.
      Makin ramai kenal, makin ramai nak kejar nak tiru masing masing. hehehe


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