Monday, November 23, 2015

TLC Festival 2015 (Malaysia)

Dear friends! Thank you for being such a patient, waiting for me to update my blog. I attended an event yesterday at Setia City Mall. I received an invitation from Jude, a representative from Watsons and agreed to attend the event at 2pm on 22nd Nov. It was a raining week in Malaysia and I am very afraid that what happened to the previous food festival, happens at this event.


The event was held at a huge space area in front of Setia City Mall. Since it was raining before I arrived at the venue, I bet the place would be very muddy and water all over. I was right.


When I arrived at the venue, there was not that many people and the event management people was trying their best to handle the muddy situation. What makes me feel kinda sad was that I asked a person with red TLC shirt on about the venue for the event that I am attending and he asked me to go to the mall as they are trying to fix the situation. Well, not helping at all. I did showed to them the invitation that I received but still he wants us to go to the mall so I try to searched for the event place myself. There was no direction or maps so not helping at all. Whoever they hired to take over this event, was not a good and experienced event planner at all.


The way they handled on the mud and everything was to put on some palettes on top of a ply wood. It was a good initiative but then too many people were standing on top of the palette and then there’s a human traffic if someone wants to stop and look at the food and drinks the stalls could offer.


Watsons has a huge stalls selling watsons stuffs and other brands that they carries as well.


When I found out where is the Pavilion Tent, it was super duper hot inside! It was an air conditioned tent but it seems like the air conditioned was not working at all! I was sweating all over and my le boyfriend could not stand the heat at all.




They did served unchilled bottle drinks which did helped to soothe the hotness inside the tent. As the event supposedly to start at 2pm, they delayed the timing up to 3.15pm.



It was then the MC, Derrik and these two brothers went inside the tent which was before that, being filled with the kids of joy.


You can imagine how crowded it was inside the hot non air conditioned tent. I wish they had some huge fans to top of the hotness. Everybody was sweating and sighing. I feel like fainted at one point just because it was too many people inside.


There were some activities involving the Kids from the Home of Joy. This is the cook off challenge. Those kids have to cook some dishes with the help of the Fabulous Baker Brother. I left right after they introduced the kids as I could not stand the heat anymore.


But thanks to Watsons for these goodies that I received. I did not even participated at the activities because it was really really hot and when I left, it is started to rain. Too bad. I hope that the organizer could check the weather in Malaysia before planning for an event. It was an absolute great event but to bad the weather could not corporate with it. See you all next year, perhaps.

Till then,


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  1. This place was amazing! Great food, it's smaller than others I guess but it is still a fair sized fun. The decor at this venue was amazing as every note of music reverberates off the beautiful walls. Everything about venues in Houston was nothing less than 5 stars.


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