Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Big sister Event (Butterfly Project Malaysia) Feat Foodpanda and Uber My

Dear friends! I am back with a meaningful story today. Last Saturday I spend my time with the orphans in Crestus Cheras. These event is to give an early celebration to the unfortunate kids aged from 3 to 16 years old. It is was a good feeling to help them choose their own toys up to RM200! Thank you Food Panda and Uber Malaysia for making this event happening! Thanks to Tammy and the team for all your hard work. :)

Each butterflies were given one child to take care of and i was blessed to get a 6 years old boy with the name Manova. A very cheeky and somewhat naughty and super active boy! He personally choose his own toys and  was torn between a guitar and a car track. As a boy, he choose the car instead. Good choice, Manova!

We spend nearly 1 hour and 30 mins inside Hamley’s toy shop in One Utama for them to find the right toys and when all is done, we took a group photo in front of Hamley’s. It was satisfying to see their smiling faces, cant wait to go back home to play with the toys. Thank you Gareth for this lovely picture. :)

Just look at him, so active and trying to find the right toys for him. He’s crawling on the floor, searching high and low. Hehe.

Once all shopping has been done, we went to T.G.I. Fridays for lunch! It was chaotic as the kids cant wait to open their Christmas presents and play with it! It was so nice of Food Panda Malaysia to give each and everyone of us a Stuff Panda! It was so adorable! And also thanks to Hamley’s for a cute car gift to all the kids as well. Very nice of them to treat these unfortunate kids so kindly and nice. We received a warmth welcome and help from Hamley’s people. It was fantastic!

After all of the chaos and food and drinks and pictures, it is the time to bid goodbye. Bye Manova! Be a good boy and stay happy always. I will always remember this time and hope that you’ll remember to do good deeds when you are beg enough to understand about life.

Going back to this guy, thank you for accompanying me at One Utama, although you have to be alone for nearly 2-3 hours! Thank you abie. :)
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to :
- The Butterfly Project Malaysia
- Food Panda Malaysia
- Uber Malaysia
for these incredible event.
Till then,


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