Thursday, December 31, 2015

BOTD : Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil

Hello friends! Happy Thursday to all! Another BOTD entry today. Well, if you do follow me on Instagram, i am sure you are well aware that i did purchased few new lipsticks from Sephora. I have not been buying anything from Sephora for the past months or so, i think this time around, i'll splurge myself for some new things. 

Even though i did not purchase anything but i did went to Sephora and have a look at their Christmas gift packs. I missed few things this Christmas. The Tarte Palette, Marc Jacob mini lipsticks set..Oh well, i always believe that if that item is not meant to be mine, God has other plans for me. Perhaps, those items are not that good after all, probably not up to my standards. Hehe.

I came across NudeStix for the first time at Sephora. Never heard of this brand before (i know, lame) and never knew about it at all. I was super impressed with the tin packaging and how small the products are. Very easy to travel around with. 

Each NudeStix box is specifically made for the product inside and the one that i purchased are the ones with the colored top. This particular top was created by Jessica Golicky. 

I picked the ones that has red color in it that this is one of them. They do have pencil for eyes but i love lips more now so i picked out this one. This particular set has three pigmented lip + cheek pencil which has my favorite dark lip color, red.

Once open, you can see this nearly transparent paper with loads of writings in it. It was just to share how thankful they are to you, for purchasing their NudeStix. You can also share with them your NudeStix pictures and tag them on instagram name NudeStix!

I know you are now starting to fall in love with these NudeStix lip pencil. Just look at those beautiful colors. One swatch creates such a pigmented color! These pencils are VERY LONG LASTING! Especially Satan, Red Color. You can use this as a base and add another liquid lipstick to make it more long lasting! Sin is a matte mauve plum color. Satan is a matte red color and mystic is a glossy mauve nude color.

There are some extra things that you'll receive together with the lip + cheek products. It's the pencil sharpener specially made and also a real mirror underneath the top closure. 

So, all of these for just around RM84 (if i am not mistaken) you get these lovely packaging with a very quality kind of product. Awesome right!

So what are you waiting for! Do visit Sephora today if they still have it! hehe. 

Happy New Year 2016 friends!

Till then,
see you next year!


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