Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BOTD :Travel packing (Makeup)!

Hello friends! Another 1 day to go for New Year 2016 and another one day for me to go for another holiday as well. A New Year's holiday. Great! Well, whenever i'll be going to a holiday, the things that i need more time to pack would be my makeup essentials. Makeup packing is quite tedious just to think about the place that you will be visiting, to consider the weather, the humidity with your makeup sets is just..hard.

Thank God i am a traveler (quite) this year and i know what to pack for my makeup essentials. Since i'll be going to an island, it is best to use what ever makeup protection that i have to protect my skin from UV.

Pictures above shows all of the makeup that i'll be bringing together with me during my holiday trip. It is a must to have an SPF build in foundation just to save some time applying makeup. I would also be bringing my creme blusher and the foundation can be quite flat and matte. It is good to have a creme blusher to brightens up your face complexion. The black pot is actually a combo eye shadow and eyeliner pot. Since i might be bringing my NAKED Basics palette, i think this MAC eye shadow is not compulsory. NAKED Basics are the best go to travel makeup palette EVER! You can have your brows done using this palette, your eye shadow, your eyeliner and everything about eyes! It is an amazing palette i can say that for sure. That dual eyeliner is just simply easy to use and bring. You can have both black and brown colors at one go! I could not forget my favorite mascara by Too Faced and just need a travel size to add in inside my travel makeup kit! 

How do you pack your makeup for travelling? Do share!

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