Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monthsary? ;)

Hello Friends! I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslims friends from all over the world, Happy Maulidur Rasul day! Salawat to Prophet Muhammad SAW. 

Well, next-ly i would like to also wish my lovely man a happy Monthsary! Well, it was him who wishes me first early this morning cause i always forgot. See, he remembers and that's the best thing about him. He's not a tipical guy who always forgets everything. There are still guys who remembers, just to show their love to their girl. :) 

I dont usually talk about him in my blog. There are only a few entries where he is in it. Today, i would like to dedicate this whole entry to him. At least, i can cause this is my blog and i think he deserves it. 

This is the person who makes me believe in love again. He makes me believe that not all men the same. He respected me. He tried his best to be the best among the rest. He is just nice and just right for me. I'd change for him. I always think that being in love would never be this sweet but he proves all wrong. He is the person who always had some positice arguments with me, never gets mad at all and always find time to say sweet things about me. I have never been in this kind of love before. 

He likes musics and watching movies. He's educated in his own way. He is the perfect giu for a person like me. I'm a stubborn girl. I always get what i want no matter how hard it is to get those things. I can get mad very easily. I dont know how but he did soften that part of mine. And that is why i love him. 

To many years to come. 


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