Thursday, January 28, 2016

Camera 360 dynamic Stickers!

Good morning friends! It is nearly weekend with just one day to go! I know i have been lacking in posting entries in my blog but that does not mean that i forgot about it already! Hehe. I would like to share with you on the newest edition of Camera 360 dynamic stickers. 

If you are familiar with snapchat, you'd know that they do have this funny dynamic stickers that would follow your face according to the theme that you have chosen. Similar to that, Camera 360 do have their new sets of dynamic stickers but theirs are more on the cute side of it. When i found out about these dynamic stickers, 

Here are some of the selfies that i took while testing the new dynamic stickers.


I even dragged my boyfriend to take a cute selfie using this app!


Haha! It is totally FUN! We all can act cute and look cuter with these dynamic stickers now!

How to get these?

First, launched your Camera 360 application. 

Then, once the app is open, if your Home page is like this, click Selfie Pro.


Then, your camera will open. You can click the yellow smiley face below to get the stickers! You need to tap onto your desired stickers to use.

Simple as that! Try it today! 

Till then,

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BOTD : Pictorial Everyday Eye Makeup

Hello friends! How are you today! It's been a long weekend for us in certain parts of Malaysia. Today is the first working day for this week! I did received a request from my colleague on my eye makeup. She asked me to record a tutorial on my eye makeup of my personal Facebook profile picture.

Well of course the picture above has been edited using some powerful picture editing app. I only use one brush and one eye palette to create this eye makeup. 

Lets stare at the before picture above. You will be able to see the difference after my eye makeup is done. It is only minimal eye makeup. Not so much on the va va voom side. I have no idea what to call it. Smokey? Partial smokey? Hmm. You decide!

I am going to use the NAKED Basics palette for me to create this eye look. Since it is a matte eye shadow, you can always opt for other brownish eye shadow similar to NAKED Basics as well. You dont really need a NAKED Basics palette to create this look.

As for the brush, i am using the Breena Beauty Basic Eye Shadow brush. It is my favorite brush ever for eye shadow! You can buy this brush here

Let the tutorial starts!

First I am going to take this taupe brownish color (NAKED2) and apply it all over my lids. Next, i am going to take the darker shade brown color, FAINT and apply it just at the outer corner of my eye like picture below.

Next, take the same color as the previous eye shadow, use a small slanted eye shadow brush, apply underneath your lower lash line, only 1/4 of it.

Lastly just use the highlight color to highlight and blend around the brow bone area. I am using VENUS in the NAKED Basics palette.


Next, all i did was to line my eyes using my two favorite eye liners of all time, one is a pencil liner and the other one is a liquid liner. Both must be black color. 

Tadaa! Apply mascara and you are good to go! :) Simple everyday eye makeup for all beginners. Easy and take less than 5 mins to complete it all. 

I adjust the color of the picture a bit for you to see the colors a bit more lively. :) 

Hope you enjoy this pictorial and try it!

Till then,

Sunday, January 24, 2016

BOTD : B.Liv Pores Be Clean set [HERMO]

Hello friends! Happy Sunday! It's very rare that i am uploading something on Sunday but i did today! Hehe. I would like to share my experience using B.Liv Pores Be Clean set which was send to me from Hermo Malaysia! Thank you Hermo!

I was looking for a good brand to heal my big pores and i definitely found a working ones right here! I was a bit skeptical to use other brands to treat my pores. Usually i will just wear my lovely Jeju Clay Pore Mask and let it sink into my pores for cleanse it. But this time around, i have three different types of skin care just to treat my pores! Awesome!

Just look at this yellow box! It reminds me of Minions! Haha. This box consists of 

deep impact | deep pores massage & cleansing emulsion

With the main functions of deep cleansing and pore purifying, i believe this set could be the life saver for my huge pores, especially near my T-Zone area and underneath my lips (above my chin)

My before face! Haha. I have a super huge zit at my chin area. hehe

The emulsion delves deep to expel imperfections to reveal the true beauty of your skin, as it cleanses and massages your face to porcelain perfection. It also gently but effectively exfoliates and clarifies your skin. Your real beauty can now shine inside out.

• Cleanse pores gently 
• Promote microcirculation for a healthy-pores skin 
• Velvety smooth touch of skin 
• Prevent blemishes and pores blockage 

Lets go step by step on using this product shall we? 

Apply a thin layer of deep impact to damp skin, gently massage in an upward and outward circular motion until the beads fully dissolved, then rinse well. 

Main Active Ingredients:
A soft, naturally occurring clay mineral which is known to absorb excess oil and dead cells that can clog skin and result in enlarged pores. It is often used as a facial mask to reduce shine.

Jojoba Beads
The small spheres of jojoba oil, a mild and gentle yet effective exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells and reveal a healthier, glowing complexion.

Note: Jojoba Beads are made from 100% pure, natural Jojoba wax, which have no sharp edges. They are superior to other exfoliating agents because they do not leave micro-lacerations. These microscopic cuts could result in premature wrinkles and provide an entrance for bacteria into the skin's surface.

Witch Hazel
An extract from the leaves and bark of the North American shrub Hamamelis virginiana. Its antioxidant and astringent properties help shrink enlarged pores and tone the skin.

Aloe vera
Anti-inflammation, soothing and promoting wound healing. Also moisturize and nourish the skin.

Tea Tree
Antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. Instantly soothes blemished skin.

With all of those good ingredients inside one amazing product, you do not need to ask for more! Second and third steps uses some amazing range of products as well.

The serum is an amazing serum that can act as a makeup base as well. You'll feel slightly cold and tingling during your first time application but it absorbs like a sponge but 1000x faster! It makes your skin feels super  soft and smooth just exactly like when you apply primer onto your face.

The mask is super cold! It smells like Tea Tree extract, which all three products to have that kind of similar smell. Although it may look as it fits my face but i do have quite a high nose, it does not fit in that area. Haha. I love the scent, and i love how it feels like after removing the mask. It feels super fresh and it mattifies my skin like CRAZY! My skin feels super smooth and soft too!

So this is how my face looks like after applying all three steps. It feels fresh and matte at the same time. Amazingly, these products do not break me out that much. It just makes my face a little bit oilier from time to time but then it is fine. I do have combination to oily skin anyway.

You can own this one whole set by purchasing it through HERMO website for RM155.66 only (saved RM86.14) ! It works miraculously on my skin and i hope that it'll work for you as well. 

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Grab yours today with this great deal from HERMO!

Till then,

Saturday, January 23, 2016

BOTD : NEESYA brand collaboration with Watsons!

Hello friends! How are you this Saturday morning? I am super happy to announce that Neesya Skincare can now be available ar selected Watsons Store! Neesya Skincare is an affordable premium skincare brand that is effective to revive dull skin. It functions is to smothen, brighten, and also even the skin tone.

Neesya skincare uses its LumiScience Technology to helps users achieve a new degree of skin clarity, skin tone and radience. The technology combines the in-depth understanding of skin physiology, skin radiance factors and the selection of most advanced brightening, hydrating, anti- oxidate active ingredients. 

The partnership announcement of Neesya at Watsons also announced the appointment of their brand ambassador, Ainan Tasneem, a youtube sensation. 

Their best seller product which is the LumiScience Illuminating Essence can visibly boosts skin luminuosity with LumiScience Technology through a 360 degree approach. The key actives and functions are Silver Vine extract helps to reduce the protein carboxylation levels and enhances skin translucency. It is also inclusive of natural complex of watermelon, apple and lentil extracts to helps skin regain optimum hydration levels by restoring skin celilar fluidity and natural moisturising factors. 

Neesya brand will be available at Watsons Subang Parade, The Mines, Sunway Putra & AEON Wangsa Maju. 

Till then,

Thursday, January 21, 2016

BOTD : NUTOX CC Cream SPF PA 50+++

Hello friends! It is already Thursday and only one day to go for a long weekend for several states here in Malaysia! Happy Thaipusam to those celebrating. I would like to give my honest review on Nutox CC Cream today. 

I admit, i could not step into any pharmacy without buying anything, especially when i am alone. So i was in Langkawi earlier this month and my mother went to a Pharmacy in Chenang Mall. Since she bought one of the most expensive shampoo ever bought, i would also want to purchase something for myself too. After one round of searching inside the pharmacy, i found this CC Cream by Nutox. I was deceived by the commercial on TV talking about Nutox. Haha

I never tested any other Nutox products before. This would be my first time using Nutox and my second time trying out CC cream. My first CC Cream was from Etude House. As my second CC Cream, i can only do my judgement based on my previous experience of using CC Cream. 

Nutox CC Cream contains :
- Bird's Nest 
- No paraben
- No Mineral Oil
- No Alcohol

and provide several visible actions :
- Moisturizing
- Whitening
- Skin Regeneration
- Lifting
- Firming
- Pore minimizing
- Soothing
- 24 hours hydration

Too much promises for a small tube of CC cream. Lets see how it goes!

I must say the packaging is very versatile and solid. Solid in a sense that, it looks expensive and promising. It contains 30ml / 1.01 fl oz of products. Basic amount for any other CC or BB creams available in the market.

The squishy tube made it easier to control the amount of products that you want to use but it makes the tip quite dirty looking (as per picture). This is a common thing for squishy tube like this. Not to worry.

Just like other brands of CC cream, it was first white in color and then it'll change its color to skin-like color which is super awesome!

Well it may look as if i have a huge pile of cream on my hand  but it'll dissolved and turn into my skin color with just another few blends.

Tadaa! Told ya! You can see that my skin is a bit brighter than it used to be before. Haha. This CC cream is quite moisturizing. It says no mineral oil but it is quite oily on the first application, when you try to blend it. After that, it feels super smooth on your skin like you are wearing nothing. Well, i still do powder my face after applying this cream.

My experience with this cream :
- Quite oily for first time user
- Has a slight floral scent which fades away after blending
- Blends very well with my skin
- Does not causes breakouts
- Light to Medium coverage

So far, i am liking this cream if my face skin looking super fine. It does corporate well with dry skin as well, makes it more hydrated.

Have you tried any of Nutox's products? Do share it with me!

Till then,

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lazo Diamond : White Gold

Hello friends! It is going to be an unusual blog entry today. This would be the first time i am featuring my earring in a blog post today. This earring was actually a gift from my boyfriend last year and it means a lot to me. 

The earring is from Lazo Diamond, quite a popular brand for diamond and white gold. As i do have a very sensitive skin including my ear area, i could not wear anything else for more than 24 hours except for gold / white gold. I have tried silver but my ears could not corporate with it either if i wear it for more than a week or so. Too bad, i have expensive skin. Haha


All of you must be wondering what the heck did i do this blog post for. Well, i did received few comments on my youtube about my earrings a while back. So, i thought why not just post up a simple post about my beloved earring then.

It is just a hoop earring, very small no diamonds what so ever cause i'm afraid that i'll loose it (which i did several times!) and it is a pure white gold. Well, since the earrings are very small, it is not that expensive. The hook however is quite loose so it tend to open by itself several times. Well, it's okay you can just bring any faulty jewelries purchased at Lazo Diamond to any of their stores with your purchase receipt for them to repair it. Easy! They have around 52 branches all over Malaysia!

Well, i am a simple person but my skin is definitely not. So, i just wanted something simple for me to wear everyday.

If you are looking for a simple earring design with an affordable price, try to have a look at Lazo Diamond. I am not being paid to do this entry, just thought of sharing it with others.

Till then,

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