Thursday, January 7, 2016

BOTD : [Althea Korea] Piolang 24k Wrapping Gold Mask

Hello friends! Today is mask day! I would like to give my honest opinion and review on this new Piolang Gold 24K Wrapping Mask. I have been seeing a lot of my blogger friends using this mask and now it is my time to use and review it. 

The packaging is very sleek, black and gold color theme. It has an Egypt lady cartoon figure there as  it was believed that the gold mask is very popular with the Egypt people those days.

This Piolang Gold mask has 500 ppm of gold. PPM means how much gold per ton, means that this mask has 500 gram in one ton of gold. (If i'm not mistaken)

A spoolie comes together with the mask for a better application but it does not help at all. The mask is very runny and watery.

The mask jar looks very very nice and very well done. 

As mentioned, the mask is very very runny. You need at least a mask brush to apply this mask. One thing for those who are intended to use this mask for the first time, it feels very very hot once it is being applied on your face but the hot will reduce soon after it has set onto your face. It dries up and sets up quite quick, about 30-40 seconds. 

What i also like about this mask is that it is very easy to peel! It is unlike other peel of mask which is very hard to peel and painful.

I did not show the application onto my face as i just wore this mask one night before i took this photo. Do let me know if you want a comparison before and after mask application.

You can get this mask at Althea Korea Website. Free shipping for RM150 purchase and above and it is directly shipped from Korea!

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