Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BOTD : Bifesta Water Based Makeup Remover (Cotton wipes)

Hello friends! Another new entry on BOTD for all of you to read. This time around it's the Bifesta Water Based Makeup Remover tissue. Well, I must say that i was drawn by the Hello Kitty packaging so that is the first reason why i bought this remover at the first place. I have been using my Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water which is my super holy grail makeup remover. I bought a big bottle of it and it lasted for nearly more than 6 months now and i still have 1/4 of it until finish. 

This is how the packaging looks like. I know i was deceived by that Hello Kitty figures on the packaging as i am a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty but i also need a makeup remover at the point of time to top up the make up remover at my office. So, since i never tested Bifesta makeup remover tissue before, i thought why not i give it a try this time. This type of remover wipes comes in two different types for different types of skin condition. I personally choose the combination skin as i do have combination skin of oily and normal.

The price i think is around RM25++ for 46 sheets of makeup remover cotton wipes. The cotton wipes claimed to : 
- Remove makeup thoroughly without additional cleansing
- Simply wipe to remover makeup & get ready as soon as possible
- No sticky feeling after use
- Replacement for morning cleansing right at your bedside
- For touch up or removal of errors during makeup
- Removes sunblock on bare skin
- Soft cotton sheet that is gentle to skin
- Plastic cap is specially designed to retain moisture of cotton sheets for a longer period.

All of the points above are the benefits claimed to have inside this cute remover wipes. I tested this wipes for nearly 1 1/2 months and here are my experiences.

- Removes makeup super fast and effectively!
- Had this uneasy smell. I don't like the smell of the water / makeup remover at all
- Causes my skin to break out
- The cotton wipes are super soft but quite hard to tear as well
- Yeap. No sticky feelings

Lets do a test shall we? I have several products on my hand here. Oh yes, just to let you know, i also have my Nutox CC Cream below all those makeup products. Now lets take out the cotton wipe and do a test!

This was taken with just one wipe, one gentle wipe on my hand. Almost everything went off instantly! My pigmented NARS lipsticks, all those liquid lipsticks and such. Simply amazing right!

Tadaa! Clean hands again!. It is indeed very moisturizing but i just could not stand the smell. So soffy Bifesta i think you have to work the smell out. 

So which one is better? Biore or Bifesta? Well, my skin are used to Biore Makeup Remover Wipes and Biore does not breaks my skin out like Bifesta. So for me, i'll go for Biore instead of Bifesta. Should i need a third choice, Bifesta would go for the third number, Biore will go for second and Sephora would still be my number one! 

Have you tried any Bifesta products before? How do you rate them? 

Till then,


  1. Replies
    1. Hehe! Do try! Easy to remove all stubborn makeup!

  2. ramai jugak yang kata Bifesta ni bagus. belum try lagi

    1. Hehe. Yang ni bau dia tak best sangat. I was hoping more like no smell at all or floral scent ke hehe tapi bau dia macam air kelapa basi. T_T but it did removes all makeup successfully.

  3. So cute hello kitty! tak pernah try this one, nak try lah hehe great review!

    1. Hhehe. do give it a try. :D Ada dua jenis kalau tak salah. hehe


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