Thursday, January 21, 2016

BOTD : NUTOX CC Cream SPF PA 50+++

Hello friends! It is already Thursday and only one day to go for a long weekend for several states here in Malaysia! Happy Thaipusam to those celebrating. I would like to give my honest review on Nutox CC Cream today. 

I admit, i could not step into any pharmacy without buying anything, especially when i am alone. So i was in Langkawi earlier this month and my mother went to a Pharmacy in Chenang Mall. Since she bought one of the most expensive shampoo ever bought, i would also want to purchase something for myself too. After one round of searching inside the pharmacy, i found this CC Cream by Nutox. I was deceived by the commercial on TV talking about Nutox. Haha

I never tested any other Nutox products before. This would be my first time using Nutox and my second time trying out CC cream. My first CC Cream was from Etude House. As my second CC Cream, i can only do my judgement based on my previous experience of using CC Cream. 

Nutox CC Cream contains :
- Bird's Nest 
- No paraben
- No Mineral Oil
- No Alcohol

and provide several visible actions :
- Moisturizing
- Whitening
- Skin Regeneration
- Lifting
- Firming
- Pore minimizing
- Soothing
- 24 hours hydration

Too much promises for a small tube of CC cream. Lets see how it goes!

I must say the packaging is very versatile and solid. Solid in a sense that, it looks expensive and promising. It contains 30ml / 1.01 fl oz of products. Basic amount for any other CC or BB creams available in the market.

The squishy tube made it easier to control the amount of products that you want to use but it makes the tip quite dirty looking (as per picture). This is a common thing for squishy tube like this. Not to worry.

Just like other brands of CC cream, it was first white in color and then it'll change its color to skin-like color which is super awesome!

Well it may look as if i have a huge pile of cream on my hand  but it'll dissolved and turn into my skin color with just another few blends.

Tadaa! Told ya! You can see that my skin is a bit brighter than it used to be before. Haha. This CC cream is quite moisturizing. It says no mineral oil but it is quite oily on the first application, when you try to blend it. After that, it feels super smooth on your skin like you are wearing nothing. Well, i still do powder my face after applying this cream.

My experience with this cream :
- Quite oily for first time user
- Has a slight floral scent which fades away after blending
- Blends very well with my skin
- Does not causes breakouts
- Light to Medium coverage

So far, i am liking this cream if my face skin looking super fine. It does corporate well with dry skin as well, makes it more hydrated.

Have you tried any of Nutox's products? Do share it with me!

Till then,


  1. never try nutox products before, but love to try one. maybe can start with this cc cream first. hehe

    1. Yes! Hehe. Do give it a try. It costs around RM49++ hehe comes in two different shades. :)

  2. saya baru je berjinak2 pakai nutox ni, bila pertama kali saya applyskin refining astrigent sebelum tidur kulit muka saya menjadi pedih dan panas. Pagi esoknya saya apply moisture emulsion dan lain2, kulit muka saya turut menjadi panas dan pedih. Kulit muka saya tak sesuai dengan produk ni ke ataupun memang kesan produk ni macam tu?

    p/s ; harap dapat balas

    1. I tak pernah try any skin care from nutox. But if it iritates your skin, better stop using it sebab takut nnt jd lagi teruk.

      So sorry for the late reply. :(

  3. Im just using nutox skin care is about 4 months ago. For the first time user our skin feeling like a little hot, i means something like a "mentos" on my skin especially when i apply the night repair cream, and anti aging cream. Actually, i found from literatures, it is caused by our blood circulation during application. After almost 5 minutes, our blood circulation is going to be normal. Trust me. Nutox is very save to our skin protection. Until now after 4 months applied, i feel my skin is more better than before. Now im going to use cc/bb cream spf 50++ that brought me here to find a review about this cc cream. Bye1

  4. Sama dengan saya for the 1st week,bila pakai rasa panas. Tapi lama2 da ok. Ni bru nak try cc cream.

  5. saya dh pakai nutox ok je tak ada pun nk merasa panas dan pedih elok je terutama nya serum nutox memang terbaik...

  6. Saye baru nk cube nutox cc crem

    1. nutox cc cream perlu pakai hari2 ke . even keje dalam ofis


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