Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BOTD : Pictorial Everyday Eye Makeup

Hello friends! How are you today! It's been a long weekend for us in certain parts of Malaysia. Today is the first working day for this week! I did received a request from my colleague on my eye makeup. She asked me to record a tutorial on my eye makeup of my personal Facebook profile picture.

Well of course the picture above has been edited using some powerful picture editing app. I only use one brush and one eye palette to create this eye makeup. 

Lets stare at the before picture above. You will be able to see the difference after my eye makeup is done. It is only minimal eye makeup. Not so much on the va va voom side. I have no idea what to call it. Smokey? Partial smokey? Hmm. You decide!

I am going to use the NAKED Basics palette for me to create this eye look. Since it is a matte eye shadow, you can always opt for other brownish eye shadow similar to NAKED Basics as well. You dont really need a NAKED Basics palette to create this look.

As for the brush, i am using the Breena Beauty Basic Eye Shadow brush. It is my favorite brush ever for eye shadow! You can buy this brush here

Let the tutorial starts!

First I am going to take this taupe brownish color (NAKED2) and apply it all over my lids. Next, i am going to take the darker shade brown color, FAINT and apply it just at the outer corner of my eye like picture below.

Next, take the same color as the previous eye shadow, use a small slanted eye shadow brush, apply underneath your lower lash line, only 1/4 of it.

Lastly just use the highlight color to highlight and blend around the brow bone area. I am using VENUS in the NAKED Basics palette.


Next, all i did was to line my eyes using my two favorite eye liners of all time, one is a pencil liner and the other one is a liquid liner. Both must be black color. 

Tadaa! Apply mascara and you are good to go! :) Simple everyday eye makeup for all beginners. Easy and take less than 5 mins to complete it all. 

I adjust the color of the picture a bit for you to see the colors a bit more lively. :) 

Hope you enjoy this pictorial and try it!

Till then,

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