Thursday, January 28, 2016

Camera 360 dynamic Stickers!

Good morning friends! It is nearly weekend with just one day to go! I know i have been lacking in posting entries in my blog but that does not mean that i forgot about it already! Hehe. I would like to share with you on the newest edition of Camera 360 dynamic stickers. 

If you are familiar with snapchat, you'd know that they do have this funny dynamic stickers that would follow your face according to the theme that you have chosen. Similar to that, Camera 360 do have their new sets of dynamic stickers but theirs are more on the cute side of it. When i found out about these dynamic stickers, 

Here are some of the selfies that i took while testing the new dynamic stickers.


I even dragged my boyfriend to take a cute selfie using this app!


Haha! It is totally FUN! We all can act cute and look cuter with these dynamic stickers now!

How to get these?

First, launched your Camera 360 application. 

Then, once the app is open, if your Home page is like this, click Selfie Pro.


Then, your camera will open. You can click the yellow smiley face below to get the stickers! You need to tap onto your desired stickers to use.

Simple as that! Try it today! 

Till then,

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