Monday, January 11, 2016

Experience : AirAsia & MAHB

Hello friends! Today is not going to be a BOTD kind of post. If you'd follow me on my Facebook Page, i did mentioned that i will write a post about my experience with AirAsia and KLIA2. 

I boarded AirAsia few times, each time there'll be some good moments and some bad ones too. I mean, i dont really mind if i am travelling alone or with my friends when all the bad ones happens. I am just overly sensitive when it involves my parents as well. 

Well, we all are the choice maker and we have the power to make our own choices so when we made a choice to board AirAsia instead of Malaysia Airlines this time around. Probably because my dad wants to save some RMs for us to shop at Langkawi. I was the one responsible for all the flight and hotel bookings. 

As i am travelling with my parents, i want the best services for them. With all of the promises listed inside AirAsia website, opted for the Flex Premium instead of the dull and boring looking Low Fare. If i am travelling alone, i dont mind taking the low fare to be honest with you. 

Based on what AirAsia had done above, I am super sure that my parents would be very happy if i choose the Premium Flex. It promises to have everything, which 98% of them we did managed to get. The only thing that is the most important thing which is the Priority Boarding, we did not managed to get that at KLIA2. We boarded Gate J4 and the flight was delayed for nearly 30 minutes (which is a very very very common for AirAsia flights and i don't care anymore for that) and before the announcement has been made, there are people queuing in front of the departure hall door to embark into the fleet. 

There was no separate lane for Premium Flex and i am super disappointed! Everyone was pushing to form a line and i just had to cut their line just to show the standing AirAsia ticketing officer that i have a Premium Flex tickets. I think each embarking gates should have at least 2 AirAsia ticketing officer one is to look out for the Premium Flex and the other one is to look our for the Low Fares. What i am so disappointed is that, the officer did not even asked if there is any Premium Flex buyers. 

The other this is that, the announcement made for the old people, parents with small kids and Premium Flex purchaser was not that clear enough for all of us to know that we have to board the airline. This is where i think MAHB role steps in. I think it is best to have a good sound system at the gates to let the passenger knows who needs to board first and also on other important information as well.

I was super happy to see Langkawi International Airport does have separate lane for Premium Flex and Low Fares. We can see clearly and the lanes were marked for people to know that i am a Premium Flex ticket owner and i deserve to cut your line and go on board first.

I am not going to boycott AirAsia. I just can't. This is just an experience that i am sharing with you so that you know where to purchase the Premium Flex flight price and where not to. I will still fly with AirAsia and hopefully someday they'll read this blog entry and will try to take care of their customer more this time around. 

I appreciate what Tan Sri Tony Fernandez is doing for the country. He created AirAsia just to let everybody to feel the experience of flying. To expose Malaysian people to visit other countries. But i do hope that the experience that we get from AirAsia would be a memorable ones as well.

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