Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016 New Year!

Hello friends! It is the 4th day of January 2016. Still feels like new year to me. I am still on leave today and still at Langkawi but i'll be back today afternoon.

2015 has teaches me how to survive. I hope that 2016 will ends well. I dont really have any new year's resolutions as i am pretty lazy to do that. There's no 'New Year, New Me' kinda thing for me. I am still the same person as last year but just a better version of it that's all. I want to make my life as positive as i could and i would only let happiness enter my life. 

The recipe for happiness is that you need to be surrounded with happy bunch people. I dont want ang negativity to ruined my life from now on. No nagetice people no negative surrounding. 

So do you set any resolution this year? 

Till then,

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