Wednesday, January 6, 2016

LANGKAWI! (again?)

Hello my dear friends! I just got back from Langkawi last Monday. Yes. Langkawi again. What can i say, my parents love that place so much. I tend to like it as well. Haha. I love the fact that it is not congested but at the same time we can still shop for stuffs like chocolates and house ware. 

Boarded Air Asia this time around cause daddy wants to save some money for shopping session. Well, i will do a dedicated entry to Air Asia soon on their services. Was it good? Was it bad? Just see what shall i write down soon. 

Arrived Langkawi Island at around lunch time. Upon arrival and checked in at the hotel, we went for our Lunch at Sea Hawkers near Langkawi International Airport. I just dont feel like eating Laksa (a famous delicacy in Kedah and several other regions in Malaysia) so i choose to have Rojak and Rojak Buah. 

Just look at the rojak that i had. Super yummy. Super nice! 

Look at the view! Breathtaking! 

So what i did in Langkawi? Well, to be honest, I did not do anything except following my parents to shopping malls, night market and Pantai Chenang. 

So i bought this at a Night Market for RM3. This is super jumbo Corn drink! Haha. Food in Langkawi is quite cheap if you know where to find it. 

So i visited Underwater World Langkawi with my mom and came across this fish! I love this fish and this one is super huge! I named him Poppy just because i had one exact fish like this with the name of Poppy as well. 

Learned about penguins at Underwater World. I did not know that there's more than 2 types of penguins on earth! HAHA.

the view from my room is super awesome as well. There're some small regatta boats roaming around the sea. I think it is because they are having some competition. 

As mentioned earlier,  Langkawi is super famoud for its duty free chocolates and this is one of my favorite chocolate by Ritter Sport. It's translated as Cornflakes. 

As i am bidding good bye to Langkawi, i say 
"I'll be seeing you again soon. I know it" 

Well, when is the last time you've been to Langkawi? 

Till then,


  1. Woaaa bestnya :) sy tak sampai2 lgi kat sana. Hihi

    1. Hehehee pergi tau Langkawi bila ada kesempatan. Besttt! Mcm2 activity boleh buat! Shopping salah satu nya haha


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