Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lazo Diamond : White Gold

Hello friends! It is going to be an unusual blog entry today. This would be the first time i am featuring my earring in a blog post today. This earring was actually a gift from my boyfriend last year and it means a lot to me. 

The earring is from Lazo Diamond, quite a popular brand for diamond and white gold. As i do have a very sensitive skin including my ear area, i could not wear anything else for more than 24 hours except for gold / white gold. I have tried silver but my ears could not corporate with it either if i wear it for more than a week or so. Too bad, i have expensive skin. Haha


All of you must be wondering what the heck did i do this blog post for. Well, i did received few comments on my youtube about my earrings a while back. So, i thought why not just post up a simple post about my beloved earring then.

It is just a hoop earring, very small no diamonds what so ever cause i'm afraid that i'll loose it (which i did several times!) and it is a pure white gold. Well, since the earrings are very small, it is not that expensive. The hook however is quite loose so it tend to open by itself several times. Well, it's okay you can just bring any faulty jewelries purchased at Lazo Diamond to any of their stores with your purchase receipt for them to repair it. Easy! They have around 52 branches all over Malaysia!

Well, i am a simple person but my skin is definitely not. So, i just wanted something simple for me to wear everyday.

If you are looking for a simple earring design with an affordable price, try to have a look at Lazo Diamond. I am not being paid to do this entry, just thought of sharing it with others.

Till then,

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