Monday, February 29, 2016

BOTD : Kosé Sekksei Travel Pack Review!

Hello friends! It's been nearly a month now that i am using this travel pack by Kosé. Never thought of testing Kosé's products and do a review about it! Thanks to Kosé and The Butterfly Project, lets see what are the products and what it can do to our skin.

The box of this products are very very HUGE and super cute! Wait till you see the inside of this box.

The box is super huge even my camera could not capture the whole box when it is open. Wait till you see the surprise balloon tied to the product.

Tadaa! All pinky and cute! Well, we shall see if the product really is that good to our skin. Kose has been in the market since 1946. It was being founded by Konzaburo Kobayashi to provide people with dreams and hope. 

There are four travel sizes products and one mask sheet for us to use in this travel size KOSE Sekkisei package. You can actually purchase this travel pack at any KOSE's counter for RM99! :) 

Lets go one by one on the products shall we? 

Kose White Liquid Wash - A liquid wash that provide the skin healthy and glowing skin. After using this facial wash for the first time, my skin reacts to it instantly. No tingling feelings, no breakouts after that, no nothing! It just makes my skin brighter each time i use it. It also makes my skin more moisturized and supple. 

Kose Sekkisei Lotion - A refreshing lotion that enhance the skin translucency and clarity (Their best product!!). This could act like a toner as it did not dries up my skin at all. I love the scent of all of Sekkisei product. It does have a slight soft scent to it which it super fine to me. 

Kose Sekkisei Emulsion - A brightening emulsion to retain moisture for a supple and soft skin. To me, this is more like a serum as once applied, it is not sticky at all. It feels like a serum and acts like a serum as well. 

If you are having your mask day, right after using the white face wash, directly apply the White Face Mask all over your face. It is a peel off mask so you need to be careful with it to not to apply too thin. :) After taking off the mask, i can feel that my face is a bit smoother compared to before. Well, this product works really really fast i must say!

Or you can also submerge the Bihadagoyomi Mask inside the Sekkisei Emultion for a quick lotion mask. You may need to soak more of the lotion for the mask to really sticks onto your face. The mask is a bit small for my big face. Hehe

All routine complete! I took picture for my 7 days challenge using this facial wash. See yourself below.

Each day my skin has become brighter and whiter! This product does improve my skin a bit more. It makes it more clearer and more moisturized. I might be getting some of the product in full size especially the Facial Wash, Lotion and Emulsion. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to

For these opportunity to test out /Kose Sekkisei products! I am super in love with it now i know for sure!

Till then,

Saturday, February 20, 2016

MDeC Annual Dinner; Zombie Rock theme!

Dear friends! I would like to share with you my first MDeC annual dinner. It was held on the 30th January 2016 at Dewan Menara Felda, Kuala Lumpur. The theme was Zombie Rock. You can either come as a zombie or as a rockers or as both! Well, i dont really have that much budget to buy new clothes or even rent one so i scouted what i have in my cupboard and wear whatever that suits me. 

So I choose the Rock theme. Easy and simple. Even i did my own makeup. No cost incur at all! 

The event was superb! We have Adibah Noor as our MC of the day. All of MDeC staffs dressed well according to the theme! Some even to the extend of we dont know who the heck is he/she! Super powerful camouflage! Well, the food was prepared by D'Saji but it was not up to my liking. There's vegetarian food as well which is good! There's some lamb, burgers, fried rice, seafoods and more! Unlimited ice cream too! 

I dont really take any photo of the food so just enjoy some photo collections below. It was taken before, during and after the dinner.


It was an awesome night! We had fun. The lucky draw prizes was awesome. Too bad i did not get one. Not so lucky that night eh? :) 

Last picture collection with our steady and sporting CEO, Dato' Yasmin!

Till then,


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Travel in less than RM20?

Hello friends! I would like to share with you my budget travel around KL. Let say, you are out of your budget but still you wanted to spend time with your love ones or family but you have no idea where to go. 

I would like to share with you my favorite FREE things to do (except for toll & fuel for travel) for two person that might require you to use only few of your Ringgit or maybe none! 

In no particular order.. Lets start!

1. Airplane watching at KLIA

If you are an airplane enthusiast and loves to watch airplanes, you live nearby Dengkil, Sepang, Cyberjaya or Putrajaya or even Seremban, you may know this place. It's the place where all planes land in KLIA. It lands right above you. We caught up with A380 lots of time, B777, B737 is quite common. 

2. National Museum

Just RM2 for Malaysian with MyKad, you can spend your time travelling back to the era where you are not even born yet. See and learn about history. Add another RM2 per person for Muzium Orang Asli and you can learn about the aborigines and their culture. 

3. Paya Indah Wetlands, Dengkil

 Believe it or not, this place is free of charge if you want to just stroll around watching hippos and crocodiles. If you would want to do fishing, i think there's certain amount of fees that you need to pay. You can just have a picnic here, watching people fishing and share their excitements when they caught something! Hehe. This place is quite quiet. It has some chalet that you can rent and have a nice sleep there as well.

4. Events (Proton Alami etc)


Attending free events such as Proton Alami (last year) could actually make use of your ample time. It's a free entrance event and if you want to spend money on, it'll be on the F&B or other merchandises for you to take home. Events like this could somehow make you learn something and have fun at the same time! 

So if you think that you have no idea what to do and you have limited amount of money. I suggest you can just try to have fun by only spend less money. Perhaps just for the toll and fuel. :)

Till then,

Mount Roraima : Edge of the world

Hello friends! Today's post is all about Mount Roraima. Nope, I have not been there and i hope i could be there when the time is right (and money of course). I found out about this mount when i was browsing 9gag (yes, I am a 9gagger) and i saw this picture below with the title that has got to do with end of the world. I instantly googled the picture and found out about Mount Roraima.

Just a simple facts about Mount Roraima. 

Mount Roraima is the highest of Pakaraima chain of Tepui plateus located in South America. This mountain is not located near seaside. It serves as a triple border for Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil.

The highest peak of this mount is around 2,810 m (9,220 ft). The prominence would be 2,228 m (7,671 ft)

Just by looking at the picture above, i really wanted to be at the peak to have a nice view of the world. 

Maybe someday. :)

Till then,

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

BOTD : Earn a cashback with ShopBack today featuring Sephora!

Hello friends! Are you an online shopper like me? I love online shopping. It may seems like you have to wait for the parcel to arrive and then you can enjoy the product. But, you are saving most of your money on fuel and some sites did have discounts coupons as well. If you are an avid online shopper like me, please do read below for you to find out more details on how you can receive a cashback while shopping! Shopback is the best site for cashback earning in Malaysia! Want to know how? Read more below!

Once you click on ShopBack link, you cant just turn your back on online shopping. Online shopping addicts must know that any cashback or discounts are the best thing ever! Please i want everyone of you to set your own ShopBack account so that we could earn cashback together!

You may find many of your favorite online shops in ShopBack! Well, have you heard that Luxola is now Sephora Malaysia Online portal? Now you do! If you LOVE makeup & beauty stuff just like me, you would not want to miss this opportunity! At the SEARCH bar in ShopBack homepage, search for LUXOLA (or Sephora) and you'll see some incredible amazing cashback amount! 

You must be wondering what it means by cash back? Well, it literally means a cash back to you when you spend certain amount of money at the websites listed in ShopBack. You must remember to only use the links to the online shop via ShopBack website. It'll then can track your purchase through your ID and could give you the cash back based on the day that you purchased the items. Each websites offers different percentage of cash back. So, enjoy cashback and Sephora coupons here today! ShopBack will cash back your money in 48 hours time! It is super addictive! 

Watch this video to know more! 

Now, are you clear on the concept of ShopBack? Well, it could actually transfer for you cash back to all major banks! Amazing stuff here! I am sure that you'll regret if you have not yet try this for yourself! 

Let say you like to travel more than shopping online, worry no more! You can now purchase travel packages and receive a cash back as well! Agoda offers about RM30 cash back when you purchase for booking more than RM220! If your booking is less than RM220, fret not you can still get your cash back for 5%! Shop now at Travel Matta Fair 2016 today to receive your cash back!

Register today by clicking HERE

On 22nd February 2016, ShopBack Malaysia will be celebrating their 1st Year Anniversary with a HUGE SALE.
ShopBack will be offering up to 100% Cashback for 24 hours only, at partipating merchants like Lazada, Zalora, Agoda, Groupon,, Qoo10, Taobao, AliExpress, and more!
That means that there will be items going for FREE!!! Stay tuned to ShopBack to snag your favourite Electronics (mobile, accessories and gadgets), Travel, Fashion, Home and Living items at insanely cheap prices. There will be exclusive promo codes and discounts for ShopBack Malaysia customers, as well as lots of contests and free stuff for you to win on the day itself, so stay tuned to the ShopBack FaceBook page and website!
Lets purchase more online and get cash backs as well! Making money by spending! Who does not like it! hehe

Till then,

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bfab Booking Beauty Saloon and Spa Near You

Hello friends! Today i would like to share with you the convenience of having internet and data connection with us today. Just like other girls, we sometimes need our pampering time and it is hard to actually make a reservation by calling as sometimes the line might get busy or they just dont pick up. Worry not! Now we have Bfab website to help you on the process of booking and securing your quality time.

If you are not familiar with Bfab, you may visit and see what can they offer you with. Their definitaion of Bfab is

Bfab is a one-stop platform for all beauty & wellness services. We curate the best salon and spa treatments for you to discover and book conveniently. No more lost-in-translation-awkward calls with the receptionist to book a haircut, manicure or even a massage after a long day at work. When you don’t know where to go for a fantastic beauty or wellness treatment that will fit your budget, Bfab is the answer!

which i think is kinda true! I think Bfab is a very simple portal / website to use for a very busy person like me. Their website is even looking good through mobile screen as well!

Once you entered Bfab website, you can see this beautifully made home page where you can instantly book your type of services and also you can log in or join the Bfab community as well. 

So i choose to book a spa session this time around so lets see how smooth this website is. It is going to be my second time using it so we shall see together. In the drop box filter, i choose Spa as my booking services, Melawati as the address near me and i would like to book for tomorrow, which is on the 6th February 2016. I click FIND button next. Notice that i did not Sign In or Join in as yet and you still can search for the services.

Once it finds the services that i wanted, i can also play around with the filters on the side of the website. You can change the date, the time and also the location. you can also try to filter based on the treatment type and also the price! 

You can also click on the Show On Map to make it easier for you to choose. 

Once i have managed to find which Spa i would like to book, i click on it and this page comes in. You can see few information on the page like it's address, opening hours from Monday to Sunday and it services based on body parts like hair, facial. spa etc anddd its prices and packages as well! Super easy to view and to made booking!

The list of the services are based on the spa/beauty saloon availability of services. You can click on the little arrow on the end of each boxes and it'll show the type of packages and its prices as well.

Here, i am choosing SPA and CreamBath - Normal. The duration of the bath would be 60 mins and the price is RM50. to make a booking, you can click on the price.

Once you clicked on the price, a pops up comes out and you can choose the timing of your visit. Convenience!

Then now you add in your details (and register instantly as well if you haven't) for them to book your time slot for the spa. 

What's best is that it depends on the shop, you can pay it at the venue or some may propose a Paypal way of payment as well. 

At Bfab you can have all of the greatness below! Yes. It is free of charge online booking. No money required at all!


So, if you want to do an Online booking for beauty treatments in Malaysia you are welcome to try out Bfab website today. Best part is, there's a discount if you read more below!

"Bfab launch promo - Use the code “BFABNOW” at and get 20% off EVERYTHING on Bfab till 29 February 2016.
This code is useable for up to 4 bookings 😉
Tag us at @bfabmy #bfabmy”

The only concerns me is that, if i would want to book for two person instead of myself. I did not see that option in anywhere in the website after i want to book it. Perhaps, i would want to go to the spa with my love ones or my friends and i have to make the booking one by one. Quite tiring. :) 
Below will be a screenshot from the mobile that i took this morning. It seems quite workable. Nice layout even though it is just a BETA platform. :) 
Visit Bfab today to make your first booking with the voucher available above! 
Till then,

Thursday, February 11, 2016

BOTD : January Favorites (Facial Wash)

Hello dear friends! January passes us by so quickly. It is now the nearly the middle week of February. I do have several favorites in January but most of them are categorized under the facial wash section. I was given several facial washes to try on and few of them are super amazing! 

Above are the four things that i really really love and cant live without now. 

1. B,Liv Deep Impact facial wash. 
It's one of the best facial wash that i have ever use. It says to minimize and cleans my pores effectively and it is true! With just the first use of this facial wash, i can feel the difference. I suggest if you really want to clean up your pores, try this brand b.Liv. It has some ranges of pore cleaning washes and gel all of them works really well!

2. B.liv Off with those heads serum
This serum gel is one awesome product as well. It makes my face feels smooth and clean and at the same time, it shrinks out my pores. Not to let any blackheads or white heads to take over the pores! Even my boyfriend says that my face has gotten a lot better now. No pimples for him to pinch. 

3 & 4. Omrose  Acidic Water & Omrose Ionized Beauty Water
This was given to me by my ex-colleague and i never thought this acidic water could work really well with my skin. With just 7 days of use, i can see and feel the difference of my skin. I did a whole blog review on this water. It is super amazing and super affordable as well. So in my January favorites. 

Let me see if i do have some makeup favorites this month and i can do another favorites entry soon! I do have two in the list now! :) Hopefully more will come!

Till then,

Thursday, February 4, 2016

PROSMAC : Photoshoot!

Hello friends! Happy Saturday! I'll be leavibg to One Utama soon for an event but let me just share with you my second experience of my car's photoshoot. The first experience would be at PICC sometime around December 2015. Below is thr picture. 

Yesterday, we had another photoshoot which i have no idea for what. Haha. We just love taking photos of our car. This time around it looks like a serious photoshoot, which has a photo formation and a professional photographer who stands on a ladder to take a higher level kinda photo. 

The picture is not ready yet for you to see but here's a photo of my beloved car! Well, i am a proud mama after all.  Hope to see the end product soon! If you are an owner of Proton Suprima and still has kot joined PROSMAC, you may search PROSMAC inside facebook abd register today! It is a legit club under Proton. :) 

Till then,

BOTD : Mentholatum Botanics event

You Hello friends! Today i would like to share with you the latest event that i attended last weekend. It is the event to introduce on this new and affordable skin care products from Mentholatum. This entry would just cover anything that happened during the event and not about the product review as yet. I am still testing out their skin care products which has been given to all the bloggers who attended so be patient. 

I choose the time of 11:30-11:50am which is the time slot for my group to participate in the activities during the event. First when i signed my name, i was said to go and prepare my organic tea. Super awesome wei! 

The tea mixture is actually from real organic plants! Just to blend in with the concept of the skin care itself. 

So i would not want to make a weird taste of a tea, i choose these three ingredients above. Chrysanthemum, Stevia (natural sugar) & Jasmine. It turns out to be super delicious i could not even imagine i did created a very nice tea taste out of an organic ingredients!

Once i have decided on the ingredients, they made my own tea blend instantly by pouring hot water. The best part is, i got to keep the heat proof mug as well! Yay!

So these are the range of skin care products for Botanics. You would not believe the prices of these! I'll update it more in my review blog soon! You can see the mug there as well in the picture. 

I also did managed to have a quick catch up with other fellow beauty bloggers ad well! Good news here and there! Hehe

There was also a demo session and some briefing about the products as well! I did tried the foam version of the skin care (it comes with different type of products, foam, liquid or creams) and i know that this product wont harm my skin as it contains natural ingredients. I am sk excited to see what it will do to my skin and hopefully it'll make it look better!

More review on the products that i received soon! Stay tuned!

Till then,

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