Monday, February 29, 2016

BOTD : Kosé Sekksei Travel Pack Review!

Hello friends! It's been nearly a month now that i am using this travel pack by Kosé. Never thought of testing Kosé's products and do a review about it! Thanks to Kosé and The Butterfly Project, lets see what are the products and what it can do to our skin.

The box of this products are very very HUGE and super cute! Wait till you see the inside of this box.

The box is super huge even my camera could not capture the whole box when it is open. Wait till you see the surprise balloon tied to the product.

Tadaa! All pinky and cute! Well, we shall see if the product really is that good to our skin. Kose has been in the market since 1946. It was being founded by Konzaburo Kobayashi to provide people with dreams and hope. 

There are four travel sizes products and one mask sheet for us to use in this travel size KOSE Sekkisei package. You can actually purchase this travel pack at any KOSE's counter for RM99! :) 

Lets go one by one on the products shall we? 

Kose White Liquid Wash - A liquid wash that provide the skin healthy and glowing skin. After using this facial wash for the first time, my skin reacts to it instantly. No tingling feelings, no breakouts after that, no nothing! It just makes my skin brighter each time i use it. It also makes my skin more moisturized and supple. 

Kose Sekkisei Lotion - A refreshing lotion that enhance the skin translucency and clarity (Their best product!!). This could act like a toner as it did not dries up my skin at all. I love the scent of all of Sekkisei product. It does have a slight soft scent to it which it super fine to me. 

Kose Sekkisei Emulsion - A brightening emulsion to retain moisture for a supple and soft skin. To me, this is more like a serum as once applied, it is not sticky at all. It feels like a serum and acts like a serum as well. 

If you are having your mask day, right after using the white face wash, directly apply the White Face Mask all over your face. It is a peel off mask so you need to be careful with it to not to apply too thin. :) After taking off the mask, i can feel that my face is a bit smoother compared to before. Well, this product works really really fast i must say!

Or you can also submerge the Bihadagoyomi Mask inside the Sekkisei Emultion for a quick lotion mask. You may need to soak more of the lotion for the mask to really sticks onto your face. The mask is a bit small for my big face. Hehe

All routine complete! I took picture for my 7 days challenge using this facial wash. See yourself below.

Each day my skin has become brighter and whiter! This product does improve my skin a bit more. It makes it more clearer and more moisturized. I might be getting some of the product in full size especially the Facial Wash, Lotion and Emulsion. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to

For these opportunity to test out /Kose Sekkisei products! I am super in love with it now i know for sure!

Till then,

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