Thursday, February 4, 2016

BOTD : Mentholatum Botanics event

You Hello friends! Today i would like to share with you the latest event that i attended last weekend. It is the event to introduce on this new and affordable skin care products from Mentholatum. This entry would just cover anything that happened during the event and not about the product review as yet. I am still testing out their skin care products which has been given to all the bloggers who attended so be patient. 

I choose the time of 11:30-11:50am which is the time slot for my group to participate in the activities during the event. First when i signed my name, i was said to go and prepare my organic tea. Super awesome wei! 

The tea mixture is actually from real organic plants! Just to blend in with the concept of the skin care itself. 

So i would not want to make a weird taste of a tea, i choose these three ingredients above. Chrysanthemum, Stevia (natural sugar) & Jasmine. It turns out to be super delicious i could not even imagine i did created a very nice tea taste out of an organic ingredients!

Once i have decided on the ingredients, they made my own tea blend instantly by pouring hot water. The best part is, i got to keep the heat proof mug as well! Yay!

So these are the range of skin care products for Botanics. You would not believe the prices of these! I'll update it more in my review blog soon! You can see the mug there as well in the picture. 

I also did managed to have a quick catch up with other fellow beauty bloggers ad well! Good news here and there! Hehe

There was also a demo session and some briefing about the products as well! I did tried the foam version of the skin care (it comes with different type of products, foam, liquid or creams) and i know that this product wont harm my skin as it contains natural ingredients. I am sk excited to see what it will do to my skin and hopefully it'll make it look better!

More review on the products that i received soon! Stay tuned!

Till then,

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