Wednesday, February 3, 2016

BOTD : Red lips for Chinese New Year!

Hello ladies! Chinese New Year is just around the corner and i would like to share with you my favorite red lipsticks at the moment. There is still time for you to purchase these lipsticks if you do now own one before Chinese New Year next week!

I have several types of lipsticks. Being liquid to tint and also normal lipsticks as well. They are also from different kinds of brands as well but mostly are high end lipsticks. Lets go one by one shall we!

This is the Burberry Kisses Lipstick range. I love this lipsticks as it is very moisturizing but quite opaque at the same time. The  famous Burberry details can be seen stamped onto the lipstick itself.

Second one would be from Estee Lauder. This is their Kendal Jenner Pure Color Envy Liquid Lipstick. I have done a review on this lipstick inside my blog. You may want to click here to read. 

The third lipstick is more towards lip tint. This is a lip tint from Tony Moly. It is very affordable and you can read more about this lip tint here in my blog! 

Another Estee Lauder lipstick! This time it is in a tube form and not a liquid form. This is their Pure Color Envy lipstick, small size as i purchased them during Christmas time. Again, i did blogged about this lipstick before and you can read it here!

My two most favorite comes next! This is the Too Faced Melted series and i LOVE these Meltedssss so much i just have to add it inside my Red Lips Favorite! I can't find any blog post that i did for this one and i will surely do another entry on this liquid lipstick! Stay tuned!

Last but not least, NARS Audacious lipstick. I love NARS lipstick and i do not mind paying more for a very high quality lipstick that lasts long and have such a nice deep red tone to it. You can read it more here in my blog. It is more like a collaborative entry with other of my high end lipsticks.

Now it's time for the swatches! Oh my God! Look at the colors as it is not that bright red all the time! You have mauve red, dark red, coral red and more! All lipsticks can be found at Sephora or NARS counters. 

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  1. Hi Anfaal. I'm new to your blog.

    You have a very nice collection of red lipsticks. You may want to try Stila's Liquid All Day Lipstick too. Their shade of red is lovely as well.

    Please come visit my blog at

    1. Hi Jannah,
      thank you for reading my blog. :) Visited your blog! It is awesome! Foods and all. keep it up!

    2. Thank you Anfaal. Happy Valentine's Day!


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