Thursday, March 31, 2016

BOTD : (Haul) April Skin Magic Snow Cushion [HERMO Purchase]

Hello my dear beautiful friends! Today i feel like doing a haul entry. I have seen this magic cushion anywhere and everywhere and it's been a phenomenon in Korea and also here in Malaysia! Everyone seems to purchase or use this product and i would not want to be left behind so i purchased one from last week just to see does it worth the hype?

Well, this entry is not so much on the review as yet although i will be doing an full review entry soon. I just used this foundation twice this week and i could not predict yet how is the performance of this foundation. So far, i like the feeling of it on my face, I like the coverage of the foundation and i like how amazing the sponge (which holds the foundation) is!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

BOTD : Loreal Lucient Magique Cushion Glow Blush (HERMO)

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday! I am going to review on a beauty product which you can't get at any drugstores although it is can be considered as a drug store brand. Loreal, a name that is no longer a stranger to most of beauty bloggers/gurus/lovers. You can see Loreal counters at most of the drug stores in Malaysia and all over the world. 

I recently love to wear blusher a lot as it makes my face not looking flat. Although my favorite blusher color would be something corally (as it can be darken to become a bronzer/light contour) but i am trying to be as daring as possible so i purchased in a very deep bright pink! 

This is the beauty that i am talking about, the Loreal Cushion Glow Blush and i picked out the most pinkish shade that i have ever had for a blusher, which is P2 Pink Fantasia.

By just looking at the packaging of the product, I can rate that this item would be the BOMB if they sell it at the drug stores. But, it is also quite good to have it just exclusively online at It is very sleek, very pretty looking blusher. It looks quite exclusive too.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

BF Series :5 reasons why do I need a boyfriend? (General entry)

Hello friends! Another BF series today! I don't know why but i like doing this series now. Haha. Sesi mengutuk/memuji diri sendiri time! Well, i knew my current boyfriend for about 11 months now. Today is actually our 11 monthsary (or whatever you want to call it). Sometimes, i do ask myself, why do we need a boyfriend? Can we just live independently without falling in love? I can list down my reasons why below if you want to know. Let me know yours!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

BOTD : Golden Rose Makeup! (Free Voucher purchase!)

Hello friends! I just can't wait to share my purchases and lucky draw gift that i received from Golden Rose. If you do read my blog previously, i did blogged about an event happening at Golden Rose store in Sunway Putra Mall. You can read the blog entry here : Makeup Class with EM & Golden Rose! 

Last Saturday, i visited back the store to redeem my lucky draw. So i was told that i could get any items up to RM150. If i do have extra, i need to pay for it. So, i scouted for their lipsticks and eye shadow. I did tested out their range of eye shadow and fall in love with some of it. 

Lets go one by one on the items that i picked out.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BF Series : 5 Things I Think Why My Boyfriend Likes Me!

I would always want to know why my boyfriend likes me. Why me and not others? I know some of us would say "Alah, dah jodoh dia kau, kau la dia dapat". I was like, okay that's a bit too cliche for me now. I need more in depth answers. I know that whenever i ask these kind of question to him, he just could not answer directly and it may not be something that i want to hear. Therefore, i am just going to assume these are the 5 things that he likes about me and i am crossing my fingers hoping that all of it are true!

I am independent

Well, i can say that i am quite an independent woman. I dont know about him but i know guys hate clingy and dependent girlfriend. I am trying to not to be one when it comes to this relationship with him. I am trying to control my dependency so that he does not feel that he has no where to go. 

I can cook (a little bit)

They said, the way to win a man's heart is by giving him food. I did and it works like a charm! I got him! :P It was just a simple cheesecake, down to his eyes, mouth and now his heart. Aww!

I am flexible

Not in THAT kind of sense okay! I am flexible in the activities/money/time kind of sense. I don't really care if he does not have enough money to pay for expensive food. I can opt for some normal mamak stall foods. I don't really care if we do outings that does not involve money (that's the best thing ever!) as most of my outings / activities does not involve a huge chunk of money anyway such as airplane watching. So, i am flexible and i don't like to "susahkan orang lain"

I am super simple

I dress simple. I eat simple. I talk..well i am quite loud and i talk whatever i feel like at that point of time. I might be stubborn at one point but remember, i am still flexible. ;) I like to simplify things a lot. Lazy people is always like that. We tend to opt for the most simplest options ever! I even like simple foods like pasta, roti canai, Nuggets, and more.

I love animals

I don't know if this could be one of the point on why he likes me but i am sure it could be one of the point too. I love animals. I appreciate animals. I can watch animals whole day long without feeling bored. He likes animals too so that's why we clicked! At least we do have something in common to talk about and experiencing it together. 

Well, those are some of the factors that could lead me to why my boyfriend likes me. In case if he is reading this, i want to know if all of the points are true. If he could added more, i'd be happy to read about it as well. :)

Till then,

Monday, March 21, 2016

BOTD : Hermo Purchased!

Dear readers! Thank you for reading my humble blog. I have been stopping myself from buying makeup items for a while now but i could not resist when it comes to new things! Especially when it is sold online! I love online shopping so much that when i purchase online, i feel extremely happy than when i shop offline. Weird huh? 

So last two weeks, i purchased two items from Hermo, It was my first time purchasing something from Hermo and i was like why i have not been purchasing makeup stuffs through this online website? 

The two items that i purchased was the Loreal Cushion Bluser and Chriszen Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus. I have seen, heard, read about these two new and in trend beauty products from other blogger friends so i just could not resist it when i am the only one who has not been trying it as yet. 

You can still purchase both items thorugh Hermo website online! What i like best about HERMO is that you can return back your purchase within 14 days if you are not satisfied with the product but you have to bear the postage charges. That's okay for me as if i purchase the wrong shade of foundation, i can still return it back and get to replace it with a new shade. Plus it's a FREE shipping if you purchase 2 items and more. 

Heads up to Hermo Online today to purchase your favorite makeup/beauty/skin care etc products! They have more than what they can offer!

Till then,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

BOTD : Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Mask

Hello friends! It is a good day isn't it today? Well, it is getting hotter here in Malaysia as it's El Nino time so we have to take care of our face skin a little bit more. Drink more plain water and keep your body hydrated. Stay indoors if possible. Night time it is the time for you to replenish your skin for another new day to come. 

I was lucky to be given the chance to test out this mask. Thank you Mamasan Tammy for this opportunity. I did look through the price of this mask and it's friggin RM325 for 4 pieces! That means each masks costs RM81.25! This is the most expensive mask that i have ever had on my face and it's a paper foil type of mask. 

The PR of Estee Lauder did a very good job on this. Just to send one piece of mask, it takes them this way to send it. With an exclusive Estee Lauder bag and tissue paper wrapped. Nice!

It is said in the website of Estee Lauder, this face mask has been infused with their famous Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for about half a bottle. So you would not want to waste every drop of the essence on this mask and you would want the mask to cover perfectly onto your face. 

So lets take a before picture shall we? This is my bare face without anything on. No moisturizer, no creams. 

First step! Put on the bottom layer on the mask, take off the foil. And then put on the top layer of the mask after that.

Leave for 10 mins and let the essence absorbs into your skin. 10 mins past, remove the mask and let the remaining essence onto your face. Do not clean your face. 

Surprisingly, when i first applied the bottom part of the mask, i can feel a little bit heat on my face. Not a burning sensation but just a tingling of heat. After taking off the mask, it is super cold and refreshing! 

My face has become more smoother and bouncier the day after. I just leave the essence of the mask onto your face and sleep with it. It does not feel sticky at all! 

I would recommend this mask if you can afford it. I surely can't cause it is super expensive. You can opt for their bottle serum instead if you do not want to wear it as a mask. :)

Again, thank you Tammy and Estee Lauder Malaysia! You can purchase this mask only via Estee Lauder's online shop! 

Till then,

Monday, March 14, 2016

Makeup Class with EM & Golden Rose!

Dear friends! Happy Monday. I am not feeling well today so i decided to take an emergency leave and work away from my cubicle instead. Well, still doing my work even though i am not well. I just can't leave my colleagues behind cause to me, work is important. It gives me money, which i think everyone needs it. haha.

Well, going back the our real topic here. I went to Golden Rose free makeup class last Saturday. Before that, i had a morning run for 7km at the MAKNA-UPM run for Cancer. Well, my first 7km and i am super proud of myself! Hehe. No medal (kinda sad) but i do have the certificate to be proud of.

If you are not aware of the brand Golden Rose, it is actually a makeup brand from Turkey. It is not animal tested, it's paraben free and some of their products are even better than the high end ones especially their Lipsticks and Mascara! I was honored to be part of the free makeup class arranged by Golden Rose. 

I arrived just in time. The traffic was super bad because of MATTA Fair, held next door at PWTC. Oh yes, Golden Rose shop is at the Sunway Putra Mall, Level 4. It used to be called The Mall previously so it is just next door to PWTC.

While waiting for the other beauties to arrived, i took some photos of the products in the shop. I love eyeshadow and i am eyeing on some now. Their lipstick range is also my fave! Just look at the price range. It is super affordable!

I did managed to reunite with some of the beauty bloggers that i know from previous functions. Some i did not recognize and i am too shy to say hello cause i don't really think i could fit it. Well, i dressed up very non bloggy that day cause my feet hurts from running and i just wear whatever i feel like wearing. 

So when everyone is nearly there, Eiman Masdzar started with his ever so famous makeup techniques. He did mentioned that if makeup, you don't really need to follow the steps. All you need to know is the techniques. He taught us on this one techniques which he called as 'layang-layang' or just stroke nicely and softly.

He had a model which has a normal skin like us. Not the perfect model skin. Which is good for us to see his techniques even more better. 

This is the before face. The model has a very nice arched eyebrows i can see that for sure. Everybody wanted to learn on how to do eyebrows. Our eyebrows are bushy and it's hard to reshape it. Hehe.

Just look at those lower lashes! No fake lashes involved okay! Just use Golden Rose mascara and you can achieve this kind of lashes. 

The finishing product! The makeup is very manis manis and simple. The only thing i am not fond about is the silver eyeliner. Maybe i am more old school kinda person where eyeliner should be black and brown only hehe.

After the class, we were all given the chance to do our own makeup as we were all being told to bring our own brushes. I did played with their makeup for a while and fall in love with their eye shadow now. It is not too tense and not too loose either. The pigmentation is just right and super build able. 

I did went off a little bit early as my leg started to cramp cause of the 7km run that morning. I was then being told from Joanna herself (representative from Golden Rose) that i won the lucky draw! But because i was not present at that time, they gave me a courtesy prize of RM150 voucher to purchase Golden Rose products! Yay! Super happy! Thank you thank you so much!

To know more about Golden Rose, you may follow their social media as below.

Facebook :

Instagram :

Twitter :

Online Shop :

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Joanna, Golden Rose and EM for this opportunity! 

Till then,

Friday, March 11, 2016

Retreat time! (With Mesiniaga) #Throwback

Dear friends! Just an old update from me. This is a retreat that i am the one "busy bodying" around  as i am not working under Mesiniaga, it was my man who is working under Mesiniaga. It's a 1 day retreat / training / having fun kinda trip so i guess why not. We stayed at Sri Bulan Apartment. It was fun cause it's a been a long time since we had these kind of activity. I do not want to write much, just want to share the pictures with all of you here.

The view from Sri Bulan Apartment. It has a gate to the sea as well. Very nice apartment for quite a nice bucks!

Waiting for BBQ time!

They do have these BBQ place to rent out as well. There are three of them and we rented 2! The boys are setting up the fire for BBQ here!

The chicks and beef to be consumed later!

The cookers and pretenders here. Haha

Thank you for this retreat Mesiniaga. :)

Till then,

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy International Women's Day!

Hello women all around the world! Happy Women's Day! It's the first time my office celebrating The International Women's Day! So most of the woman in my office are wearing purple color in conjunction of the women's day. Based on the website of International Women's Day, women's day is celebrated to..

Celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. 
Yet let's also be aware progress has slowed in many places across the world, so urgent action is needed to accelerate gender parity.
Leaders across the world are pledging to take action as champions of gender parity.

So I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the women in the world,

Here are some pictures of what has been happening in my office today!

Roses for each of the women in my office! Thank you!

Free hand massage for all the ladies!

Enjoying our day today! Hehe.

Till then,

Friday, March 4, 2016

New blogpost theme!

Yay! Finally i did change my blog theme! I think my last blog theme last being update was like nearly 1 1/2 years ago. I just could not stand that theme anymore. It makes my blog looks a bit undone. I like this theme as it has big picture displayed. And it's a bit clean. 

I do hope that all of you will like this new theme and will support me in my blogging arena. 

Till then,

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