Thursday, March 24, 2016

BF Series :5 reasons why do I need a boyfriend? (General entry)

Hello friends! Another BF series today! I don't know why but i like doing this series now. Haha. Sesi mengutuk/memuji diri sendiri time! Well, i knew my current boyfriend for about 11 months now. Today is actually our 11 monthsary (or whatever you want to call it). Sometimes, i do ask myself, why do we need a boyfriend? Can we just live independently without falling in love? I can list down my reasons why below if you want to know. Let me know yours!

To share the fun!

To me, having a boyfriend is to share the fun and the lurrrrvee across the whole universe! Something like in the picture beside here. Why not do a funny face cam with your girlfriend/boyfriend ey? It'll be much more entertaining when you share it to the world. HAHA. 

To do crazy things together

Some of the things which we do which could not involve the parents, sisters, brothers, or even best friends, we can now do it with le boyfriend as he will definitely know what he'll get if he's not supportive enough Haha. Activity like, plane watching for instance, i couldn't do it with my parents now as they would not understand why should i go and watch airplane landing. Even my friends don't really understand why i like to do this activity a lot. So, boyfriend come along and he just follows. Haha. Now he know a bit about airplanes. 737? Boeing? Airbus? 

To give you a helping hand

Well what is a boyfriend for if he could not give you a helping hand. Hehe. Although i am independent, but there are still some other things that i need help from a man. Not to say that my dad can't do it just that it may be too girly to get a help from a dad. Like, removing a water permissible nail lacquer. >.<" He can did it using the most powerful tool inside his bag, a knife. Haha

To help during blogger events

Well, to tell you the truth. My boyfriend helps me a lot during blogger events. He will sometimes play around with the makeup just to kill the time. Haha. I love that he's okay with this. This is surely very new to him but he could blend in straight away! Just don't turn into a girl then i'll be okay. T_T"

To have someone to love and care to

Well, basically i need my boyfriend for me to show my love. I need him in order for me to express my love and sincere support towards him. I want him to change for the better and not for worst. I want to see that i can influence someone to become a better person without me doing anything to them. I want to see him succeed in life. 

Well, i can actually list down so many reasons on why do i need a boyfriend. I wish that this relationship will last until we are officially husband and wife. This i can say, is the best relationship i have ever had in life. 

Till then,

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