Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BF Series : 5 Things I Think Why My Boyfriend Likes Me!

I would always want to know why my boyfriend likes me. Why me and not others? I know some of us would say "Alah, dah jodoh dia kau, kau la dia dapat". I was like, okay that's a bit too cliche for me now. I need more in depth answers. I know that whenever i ask these kind of question to him, he just could not answer directly and it may not be something that i want to hear. Therefore, i am just going to assume these are the 5 things that he likes about me and i am crossing my fingers hoping that all of it are true!

I am independent

Well, i can say that i am quite an independent woman. I dont know about him but i know guys hate clingy and dependent girlfriend. I am trying to not to be one when it comes to this relationship with him. I am trying to control my dependency so that he does not feel that he has no where to go. 

I can cook (a little bit)

They said, the way to win a man's heart is by giving him food. I did and it works like a charm! I got him! :P It was just a simple cheesecake, down to his eyes, mouth and now his heart. Aww!

I am flexible

Not in THAT kind of sense okay! I am flexible in the activities/money/time kind of sense. I don't really care if he does not have enough money to pay for expensive food. I can opt for some normal mamak stall foods. I don't really care if we do outings that does not involve money (that's the best thing ever!) as most of my outings / activities does not involve a huge chunk of money anyway such as airplane watching. So, i am flexible and i don't like to "susahkan orang lain"

I am super simple

I dress simple. I eat simple. I talk..well i am quite loud and i talk whatever i feel like at that point of time. I might be stubborn at one point but remember, i am still flexible. ;) I like to simplify things a lot. Lazy people is always like that. We tend to opt for the most simplest options ever! I even like simple foods like pasta, roti canai, Nuggets, and more.

I love animals

I don't know if this could be one of the point on why he likes me but i am sure it could be one of the point too. I love animals. I appreciate animals. I can watch animals whole day long without feeling bored. He likes animals too so that's why we clicked! At least we do have something in common to talk about and experiencing it together. 

Well, those are some of the factors that could lead me to why my boyfriend likes me. In case if he is reading this, i want to know if all of the points are true. If he could added more, i'd be happy to read about it as well. :)

Till then,

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