Tuesday, March 15, 2016

BOTD : Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Mask

Hello friends! It is a good day isn't it today? Well, it is getting hotter here in Malaysia as it's El Nino time so we have to take care of our face skin a little bit more. Drink more plain water and keep your body hydrated. Stay indoors if possible. Night time it is the time for you to replenish your skin for another new day to come. 

I was lucky to be given the chance to test out this mask. Thank you Mamasan Tammy for this opportunity. I did look through the price of this mask and it's friggin RM325 for 4 pieces! That means each masks costs RM81.25! This is the most expensive mask that i have ever had on my face and it's a paper foil type of mask. 

The PR of Estee Lauder did a very good job on this. Just to send one piece of mask, it takes them this way to send it. With an exclusive Estee Lauder bag and tissue paper wrapped. Nice!

It is said in the website of Estee Lauder, this face mask has been infused with their famous Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for about half a bottle. So you would not want to waste every drop of the essence on this mask and you would want the mask to cover perfectly onto your face. 

So lets take a before picture shall we? This is my bare face without anything on. No moisturizer, no creams. 

First step! Put on the bottom layer on the mask, take off the foil. And then put on the top layer of the mask after that.

Leave for 10 mins and let the essence absorbs into your skin. 10 mins past, remove the mask and let the remaining essence onto your face. Do not clean your face. 

Surprisingly, when i first applied the bottom part of the mask, i can feel a little bit heat on my face. Not a burning sensation but just a tingling of heat. After taking off the mask, it is super cold and refreshing! 

My face has become more smoother and bouncier the day after. I just leave the essence of the mask onto your face and sleep with it. It does not feel sticky at all! 

I would recommend this mask if you can afford it. I surely can't cause it is super expensive. You can opt for their bottle serum instead if you do not want to wear it as a mask. :)

Again, thank you Tammy and Estee Lauder Malaysia! You can purchase this mask only via Estee Lauder's online shop! 

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