Thursday, March 31, 2016

BOTD : (Haul) April Skin Magic Snow Cushion [HERMO Purchase]

Hello my dear beautiful friends! Today i feel like doing a haul entry. I have seen this magic cushion anywhere and everywhere and it's been a phenomenon in Korea and also here in Malaysia! Everyone seems to purchase or use this product and i would not want to be left behind so i purchased one from last week just to see does it worth the hype?

Well, this entry is not so much on the review as yet although i will be doing an full review entry soon. I just used this foundation twice this week and i could not predict yet how is the performance of this foundation. So far, i like the feeling of it on my face, I like the coverage of the foundation and i like how amazing the sponge (which holds the foundation) is!


They have two types of foundation one is the white packaging and the other one would be this black ones. The black ones are said to be perfect for combination skin and the white one would be perfect for dry skin. I do have combination skin therefore i think this black ones is perfect for me.

I choose the shade Natural Beige as it is safer  and might be blending well with my yellow undertone skin tone. 

The packaging is super sleek. I like how this foundation feels on my hand. It is not the usual velvety black material (like NARS) which can easily get dirty. It is a plastic black material which is super easy to clean if it's dirty. 

Just like any other Magic Cushion BB cream/highlighter/blushers, this foundation has it's magic puff, product underneath and a huge mirror. I dont usually use the mirror unless if i am doing my makeup somewhere outside home. 

Well, so far i am liking it but it has its flaws that i think i need some time to dig in and explore more. 
If you would like to try this foundation for yourself, you may made your purchase through Hermo website. 

Wait for the full review soon!

Till then,

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  1. Awesome stuff right there, been using this too for quite sometime and liking the results! I also found a before and after photos here - you guys might want to check how nice it is


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