Monday, March 14, 2016

Makeup Class with EM & Golden Rose!

Dear friends! Happy Monday. I am not feeling well today so i decided to take an emergency leave and work away from my cubicle instead. Well, still doing my work even though i am not well. I just can't leave my colleagues behind cause to me, work is important. It gives me money, which i think everyone needs it. haha.

Well, going back the our real topic here. I went to Golden Rose free makeup class last Saturday. Before that, i had a morning run for 7km at the MAKNA-UPM run for Cancer. Well, my first 7km and i am super proud of myself! Hehe. No medal (kinda sad) but i do have the certificate to be proud of.

If you are not aware of the brand Golden Rose, it is actually a makeup brand from Turkey. It is not animal tested, it's paraben free and some of their products are even better than the high end ones especially their Lipsticks and Mascara! I was honored to be part of the free makeup class arranged by Golden Rose. 

I arrived just in time. The traffic was super bad because of MATTA Fair, held next door at PWTC. Oh yes, Golden Rose shop is at the Sunway Putra Mall, Level 4. It used to be called The Mall previously so it is just next door to PWTC.

While waiting for the other beauties to arrived, i took some photos of the products in the shop. I love eyeshadow and i am eyeing on some now. Their lipstick range is also my fave! Just look at the price range. It is super affordable!

I did managed to reunite with some of the beauty bloggers that i know from previous functions. Some i did not recognize and i am too shy to say hello cause i don't really think i could fit it. Well, i dressed up very non bloggy that day cause my feet hurts from running and i just wear whatever i feel like wearing. 

So when everyone is nearly there, Eiman Masdzar started with his ever so famous makeup techniques. He did mentioned that if makeup, you don't really need to follow the steps. All you need to know is the techniques. He taught us on this one techniques which he called as 'layang-layang' or just stroke nicely and softly.

He had a model which has a normal skin like us. Not the perfect model skin. Which is good for us to see his techniques even more better. 

This is the before face. The model has a very nice arched eyebrows i can see that for sure. Everybody wanted to learn on how to do eyebrows. Our eyebrows are bushy and it's hard to reshape it. Hehe.

Just look at those lower lashes! No fake lashes involved okay! Just use Golden Rose mascara and you can achieve this kind of lashes. 

The finishing product! The makeup is very manis manis and simple. The only thing i am not fond about is the silver eyeliner. Maybe i am more old school kinda person where eyeliner should be black and brown only hehe.

After the class, we were all given the chance to do our own makeup as we were all being told to bring our own brushes. I did played with their makeup for a while and fall in love with their eye shadow now. It is not too tense and not too loose either. The pigmentation is just right and super build able. 

I did went off a little bit early as my leg started to cramp cause of the 7km run that morning. I was then being told from Joanna herself (representative from Golden Rose) that i won the lucky draw! But because i was not present at that time, they gave me a courtesy prize of RM150 voucher to purchase Golden Rose products! Yay! Super happy! Thank you thank you so much!

To know more about Golden Rose, you may follow their social media as below.

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I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Joanna, Golden Rose and EM for this opportunity! 

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  1. Wahhh.. Untung laaa dah balik awal pun still menang lucky draw! Btw, it was nice to meet you Kak Anfaal. But, I truly sike Golden ROse makeup. Worth every penny!

    1. Yaaa. Balik awal sebab kaki dah tak tahan sakit. T_T tu la tak sangka plak boleh menang haha. It was nice meeting you toooooo!! I love golden rose makeup jugak. so worth it! hehe


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