Friday, March 11, 2016

Retreat time! (With Mesiniaga) #Throwback

Dear friends! Just an old update from me. This is a retreat that i am the one "busy bodying" around  as i am not working under Mesiniaga, it was my man who is working under Mesiniaga. It's a 1 day retreat / training / having fun kinda trip so i guess why not. We stayed at Sri Bulan Apartment. It was fun cause it's a been a long time since we had these kind of activity. I do not want to write much, just want to share the pictures with all of you here.

The view from Sri Bulan Apartment. It has a gate to the sea as well. Very nice apartment for quite a nice bucks!

Waiting for BBQ time!

They do have these BBQ place to rent out as well. There are three of them and we rented 2! The boys are setting up the fire for BBQ here!

The chicks and beef to be consumed later!

The cookers and pretenders here. Haha

Thank you for this retreat Mesiniaga. :)

Till then,

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