Friday, April 1, 2016

BOTD : CHRISZEN Roller Moist Ampoule Cream [HERMO]

Dear Friends. After a long winding entry last midnight, now i am back writing about beauty products! I have been testing out several foundation this month and the first one would be this Chriszen Roller Moist Ampoule Cream which i have seen & heard a lot in the month of February. Well, certainly their marketing team is doing very well on that matter. So, while i was on, i did encountered with this foundation and bought it instantly. Well, i don't usually buy foundation online (although i wish NARS Malaysia could have an online store) as i am afraid that the color does not match.

I think you are fully aware of the packaging of this foundation so i am not going to talk further on that matter. It is a roller kind of foundation where you do not need any brush to apply it. The roller can be taken out for cleaning but it is quite hard to clean the roller, to get it to be looking as new back again. I have tried to wash it with several kinds of sponge cleaner and it does not work.

 How to use this special made foundation? Super easy! Just press the button next to the roller (as shown in the picture below) and a tiny teeny foundation will come out from the below compartment to the roller. I usually have to use up to 3 pumps to cover up my whole huge face. haha.

I am a MAC NC20/30 and this shade Natural Beige is kind of suitable for me. It may look a little bit brighter for my complexion but once it is blended in, it looks fine. The down side of this foundation is that it feels kind of sticky therefore you have to know the right way to apply it. As it uses the roller type of application, you might not want to double roll the foundation at the same place onto your face otherwise you'll create an uneven application. 

The best part about this foundation is that it does last quite long on my face. Although i'll be just inside the office and not being directed by any sunlight or heat, it'll oxidize around 6 hours after my application. 

This is how bright the foundation looks like without blending. It has SPF 50 and i-glutathione and not to forget collagen for healthy skin.

Even after blending the foundation in, you can still see the brightening effect on the skin as it contains SPF. Any products contains SPF will have a reflect / brightening effect in photos. 

So far, i am liking this foundation but i can't wear it everyday. It does not break me out but i can get very lazy to wash the roller as it's hard to get it squeaky clean! I might as well use my foundation brush instead.

You can get this foundation at HERMO for RM 55.20 after discount.

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