Tuesday, April 12, 2016

BOTD : FCC High Performance Anti Aging & Shine Control High Coverage Foundation

Hello Friends! I am going to review one of the best liquid foundation that i have used before. I received this foundation from FCC team themselves for me to review and i would like to thank them for it. 

It was so nice of them to send me the planner as well. Very useful for my upcoming plans and events. Ehem! Well, i do not want to wait further more. Lets dig into the review now!

I have always wonder how does it feel to wear a full coverage foundation. My foundation would always be either light or medium coverage. My favorite NARS foundation is actually medium coverage but it looks like a full coverage to everyone. It's super light and i love that foundation to death. :P

This would be my first time using FCC products. If you are a newbie like me, i did some research about FCC and these are some of the amazing things that i could see found FCC products. 

They don't test their products on animals so no animal testing. YAY
It's an Istanbul cosmetic brand. International!
65 years in beauty and makeup sector. wow!

Well mainly on this foundation, it says it is anti-aging and shine control free so i think it is good for people age like me. haha. If you do have oily skin, no problem at all! This foundation does not feel oily on my skin at all and that is one of the point why i love it! 

The packaging is very sleek but quite heavy cause it is made of glass. I can say that it is still travel friendly as the glass is quite thick. The pump cover is a bit loose so i can say that if they could make it a bit tight, that would be great! 

The pump does a great job as well. 1-3 pumps are enough for my whole face. You do not want to apply too many of this foundation as it is super high coverage. Don't believe me? Well look below! I have proof! 

My bare face. No foundation, poweder. Just some face mist and toner. 

My right face is now with the FCC foundation and my left face is still bare.

Full face covered with foundation! Yay! Can you compare the first picture and the latest one? What do you think? :)

Another best thing about this foundation is that is has SPF15 so i could use it while strolling in the park or doing outside jobs as i am protected form UV rays! It lasts long too but not up to 16 hours as per what they claimed. To me, it lasted good amount of hours. 

The color of the foundation is not really matching my skin color. The one they have is quite light and i have a darker complexion now from SongKRun. Haha. 

If you would like to purchase this foundation, you may click the links down below

You can also purhcase their product offline. Just check on their flagship stores inside their Facebook & Instagram.

Thank you FCC for this awesome possum foundation! It is super full coverage i tell you. I will purchase the one that matches my skin tone more. ;)

Till then,


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    1. Yes dear! So good! I like the feeling but i forgot to mention it has a slight scent to it. :)

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