Monday, April 11, 2016

BOTD : Golden Rose Eye Shadow Review

Hello friends! I heard that today is the International Siblings Day (or was it yesterday?) and I dont have any siblings so pardon me if i am wrong. Been hearing about it this morning in Fly FM. Well, not going to talk about siblings here but perhaps, i can relate it to the eye shadows that i'll be reviewing today. It's a Matte & Pearl finished eye shadow from Golden Rose! 

Lets check it out if these eye shadow is up to my standard and does it worth the price.

I have been reviewing a lot of Golden Rose items these past few days. You can read my review on other Golden Rose products below

Golden Rose is a makeup brand known in Turkey. It is super affordable and some of its products are very high quality and can be compared with the other high end brands out there. With the price of nearly 50% less than the high end brands. I would like to start with the matte eye shadow and why i personally choose this color. 

Golden Rose Silky Touch Matte Eye shadow in 213. Golden Rose has several lines of colors for their Matte eye shadow and some of them are quite bright colors. Personally, i picked this one because i would want to use it as my eye brow powder but the color is too soft for my bushy brows so i just use it as a normal eye shadow instead. 

As you can see, the taupe color is pretty fantastic but sadly this matte eye shadow is not that pigmented. I need several swatches to create the swatch from above picture.

Lets dive in to the pearl finish eye shadow from Golden Rose. I like satiny finished eye shadow instead of glittery and this one is really one of my favorite eye shadow.

This is Golden Rose Silky Eye shadow in #116. At first, the reason why i choose this color is because i thought it's a dual chrome type of color. When i swatch it,  i can see red and blueish tone. When i got home, it's just a deep red color. Well, this eye shadow is a bit pigmented than the matte ones but still not up to my standard as yet. Well, the price each is RM 18 so i think to match the quality and the price, this eye shadow is simply awesome. 

If you are not familiar with Golden Rose products, all of their makeup items are paraben free, dermatological tested and no animal testing involved. Most of their products also lasted for 24 months!

You can purchase all of Golden Rose products though online store or their flagship store at Sunway Putra Mall.

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