Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BOTD : Loreal Curl Impact Collagene Mascara

Hello friends! Another BOTD post today! I have been trying to post about this mascara for a while and always forgot to take my picture using it. T_T Not a good blogger after all ey? Haha. Hopefully you can gain something form reading my blog today. 

I have used Loreal mascara before this and loving it so that's why i bought this one from hermo.com website. Want to know do i like this mascara and does it match with those high ends mascara i love? Click read more!
Loreal has been known to be the high grade of  drugstore products. It is a bit expensive when it comes to Loreal products. I have heard somewhere that Loreal and Lancome is under one roof. Not sure about that tho. So, if you want to purchase a high end drug store makeup, Loreal would be the best. I have tried their mascara, foundation, eyeshadow and also eyeliner. I love mostly their eye products. Their foundation is also not that bad.

It is said that this mascara could give a curl lasting, volume mascara and smudge proof as well. It does not say that it is a waterproof mascara so i'd say that it is not rather claimed that it is a waterproof mascara and got slammed by those who uses it. 

It also mentioned on the box, so effortless to remove and this is absolutely true! You can just use a hot / warm water to remove this mascara and it's just as simple as that. I kid you not!

This mascara has that expensive looking packaging. It still looks plastic but quite sturdy! I love the bold packaging. I think most of Loreal mascara looks like this. I used to use their collagene mascara as well and it looks like this too! 

The only thing that intrigues me is that the wand shape is quite..weird. I have no idea how it exactly looks like. Haha. It's spiral but a bit off. I am not so sure how to describe it though. But, the curved and curls makes the effect of having full lashes on your eye.

Lets do a simple test shall we? Well, i dont have full lashes so lets see if it works.

I dont have anything on my lashes here. 

Just on the right side, i have the mascara on. Well, not that much of a difference ey? I just have 1 coat of the mascara and i did not curl my lashes at all.

A front face picture just to difference the lashes on the right and left.

Now i have both lashes with mascara on. Well, it looks like i do have mascara on my lashes after all. You can apply 2-3 coats of mascara to make it look fuller. So far, this is only 1 coat and i always do only 1 coat of mascara. 

I love this mascara because..
It is easy to apply and remove!
It is no clumpy at all!
Last longer with or without lash curler.
Cheap and affordable!

If you are looking for this mascara, look no more cause i'll give you the direct link to the page! You can purchase it online through HERMO website. I am not sure if they do have it at the drug stores.

Till then,

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