Friday, April 1, 2016

Eczema Problem

Hello friends. Just would like to share about my sickness condition that i am in now. Since i was 16 years old, i have been suffering from eczema. Well to some it might not seems like a long time. Some people have been suffering from eczema since they were a little kid. I might too, but when i was 16 years old, the eczema suddenly came out and traumatized my entire life forever. 

It is said that every eczema sufferers are also an asthmatic person as well. Well, i do have asthma and bronchitis to be exect therefore, eczema is part of my life as well now. If you have been reading my blog and have been a follower to my infamous youtube channel, you will definitely know that i did everything that i could to minimize the effects of eczema. Some methods works for a while and some are just crap. 

I dont want to talk about what is eczema and what causes it. Today, i just want to tell you that if i am scratching my feet it is because my eczema strikes back and i could not just leave it there without scratching it. I tried to hold on to the itchy but failed. Those of you who are an eczema sufferer would know how hard it is to not to scratch it. 

This is my feet now. My right feet to be exact. I dont really know if this is the real eczema but i have been to several specialists and all of them said that it is eczema. I have so many creams, with steroids and without (home remedy) and tried them all. Some works for a while and now my skin would probably immune by steroids that it does not work for my eczema anymore. Super sad. 

I try to not to put myself in a negative conditions as it would trigger my eczema more. If i am under stress, the eczema will definitely comes out. Well, it is hard to live having eczema on your skin. You have to balance your life well in order to not let yourself be stressed. Well, what a life is it? My colleague did shared with me a clinic in Teluk Intan where she went and her eczema surprisingly went away. I will try to spend some of my time and money to go there and seek for the doctor's advice. We shall hope for the best, insyaAllah. 

Well, i'll update again once i have been treated by the Teluk Intan's doctor.

Till then,


  1. Hmmm garu memang sedap, tapi lepas tu menyesal. I got it too, since I was 21 yrs old. Masa kecik miming ada asthma. Banyak cream cuba. Ada ok ada tak. Dulu Wa serasi dengan Elomet. Bertahun pakai sesuai. Tahun ni, apply pun tak baik2. Now, Wa try Aloe Vera and Shaklee Cream, lambat tapi ok la kering.

    1. Tu lah. Dulu forbancort cream ada try, elomet ada try to skarang dah tak berkesan. :( memang garu je lah menyesal ke tak. Haha. Nak kena try ubat kat teluk intan plak lah. Hehe. Nnt sy review.

  2. Hi Anfaal, my daughter is 16. She has eczema and her legs are just like you. Have you seen the Teluk Intan doctor yet? What's his name? What medication did he prescribed? Thanks

    1. Hi dear. So sorry for the very superbly late reply. I have not been to the teluk intan doc as i could not find the time but i always go to Dr. Ranjit in SS15 Subang for get my meds.


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