Monday, April 18, 2016

Johan And His Cats. Is it worth it?

Hello friends! Last Sunday, i went to the overrated cat studio in Setia Alam. Well, something considered as overrated is does not mean that it's not good. But, does it worth it? Like every penny kind of worth it? Time? Effort? Hehe. Well, I will share with you my experience at the World First Cat Studio in the world (this is what they claimed to be).

Let's find out what can we explore here!

When i first knew about Johan and his cats, he was just doing the cat visit at his home. It was then i know, that he moved to this place in Setia Alam from Hanis Zalikha's instagram. I love animals and i love cats. Cats has been my best friend ever since i was a little Anfaal. Haha. I have been playing with cats since i was months old. So, my love to cats has been endless and i also like to feed stray cats too. So, this studio supposed to be the heaven on earth place for me.

I made the booking via the website on 8th April 2016. The following days were full as the timing was not that okay for me. So, i booked for 17th April 2016, with the timing 6.00 - 6.50pm. They have several timing slots each day started at 9.00am until 12.50pm with 50 mins playing time with the cats each session. It will then have their resting time from 1.00pm - 5.00pm each day except Friday.

Upon entering, my hands are being sprayed with some anti bacterial sanitizes which is not harmful to the cats. A person will be giving a briefing before you enter to play with the cats. There are several ground rules which you need to follow such as:

Do not carry the cat. Ever. Dont ever do that.
Do not disturb a sleeping cat. Let them rest
Do not disturb a cat while it's eating. It's rude, okay.
Do not let the cat lick your fingers even if it wants to.
Do not kiss the nose on the cat.

Well, those are some of the rules that i can remember. Hehe. The lady giving out the rules does not look friendly. I mean, you are working in a cat paradise company and you can play with cats everyday, you should be less tense than me. Haha. But anyway, i can't comment much as i don't know what she has gone through all day on Sunday. Well, at least smile a bit wont hurt.

One session is about 30 people all around. There'll be kids and old people as well. All are trying to play with the cats to release their tense during Monday - Friday work day. So, you are pretty much not alone with the cats. You can't just play with one cat for you alone. Pretty much, it's like a petting zoo. You can look and pet some exotic cats around the world. The main reason i would want to visit this place is to play with KimK, the Sphynx cat.

When the gate was open, KimK was actually sleeping. So i do not want to bother her that much. As i was playing with other cats, i saw KimK on the table!

My favorite cat is Scottish Fold but Sphynx is actually one of it as well. So, one of my dream has come true! To touch a Sphynx cat.

Well, to me for RM10.50 per person per session, tt was okay. I would prefer to visit the place again when it is not longer being the talk of the town. Now, it's way too crowded to even play with a cat for 5 mins. I'll drop by again someday. Oh yes, one more tip is to choose the best timing to visit the cats. I would prefer to visit around 9.00am - 12.00pm in the morning as the cats are active and playful. I visited the place at 6.00pm and all the cats are sleeping so i did not have the chance to play with them at all.

Will surely come back again to play with the cats / new cats! They have their cat store as well, which sells so many cat things! Some of the prices are quite affordable and cheaper than the other pet stores.

Till then,

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