Monday, April 4, 2016

SongKRun Malaysia 3rd April 2016 (Sepang)

Hello friends! It has been an amazing weekend for me! Watched Batman VS Superman on Saturday at Beanie (it was his first time watching at TGV Beanie!) and had a very long day of running at SongKRun event yesterday. It is a fun run of 5km at Sepang and i know it's going to be super hot! I ran at Sepang before this for the Music Run by AIA. This time around, we are not running inside the Sepang Circuit Track, we ran at the side of Sepang track. 

I am just enjoying the view of our KLIA from the hill top. Well, just love how aviation world works.

It was our first run together. I usually run alone but this time around i dragged the guy to come with me and join this fun run. It is indeed a very fun run! And i bought the shooter pack, makes it even more funnier! Haha. 

The way from the parking to the entrance takes about 1km already. So here, we are walking to the entrance to redeem our water gun. He's inserting something inside the waterproof pouch which was given together with the goodie bags.

Water guns claimed and now we are ready to rock but before that we have to fill in the water guns in order for us to shoot other people! 

Get ready to get wet! It was a seriously hot day and i thank God i have already wear 2 layers of Sun block! Haha. But sadly, i did get sun burn at my neck and legs. T_T

This is where it starts! The pretty colorful umbrellas is to shade us from the sun. The 1st flag off was at around 10am. It was kinda super hot at that point of time. These umbrellas did not do its justice well. Haha. I am still hot. :P

There are 5 pit stops for each KM. This picture was taken at the 4th pit stop where we have the chance to refill our water gun. There were 2 refill pit stops before this, at the 1km stop and at the 3rd pit stop. (If im not mistaken haha). The second pit stop was only for drinks and no water gun refill available. T_T

It was actually freezing cold because they mixed water with ice! I feel like jumping inside the tub! Haha. 

Well, we managed to survive 5km of walking and 0.5m or running uphill in 1 hour 45 mins! Haha. Just becuase we have to stop and refill the water tank so it takes time. Finally, he managed to finish at the finishing line together with me and after this we straight away scouted for foods!


Well, the medal is super cute! I have never had a cute medal like this before! I am so looking forward to the next SongKRun in Malaysia if there's going to be any in the future. 

Till then,

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