Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Singapore WorkTrip - Pictures

Hello friends! I would finally want to blog about my work trip to Singapore. Nothing much but this is my first time travelling alone. Well, when i say alone, i don't have any accompany to company me throughout the flight, during hotel check in and during free time. Thanks to my friends in Singapore, they managed to capture me (i think it is rather the opposite, i catch them instead haha). Since i stayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, first night they brought me for dinner and a short tour at the Gardens by the Bay.

Monday, May 30, 2016

BOTD : March - May 2016 Favorites!

Hello friends! I just got back from Singapore work trip last Friday. Well, it's a work trip but i did enjoy myself meeting with my long lost Singporean friends! They always come to Malaysia for a trip but i have not had the chance to meet them in like..6 years! Well, i will do a dedicated blog post on that particular moment but this time around, let me blog about my March - May favorites makeup product.

Click more to find out more on each products that i am loving currently. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Healthy relationship - what does that even mean?

Hello lovelies. If you noticed, i did not write much about makeup and beauty products at all for this past week. Until today, i don't have any new items to shout out or to try out. So, let me just give my own advice to all of you on my perception of a healthy relationship.

I was once, no actually twice being in a non healthy relationship. To me, a relationship should be healthy in order to get the momentum of love to spread all across our selves and our partner. To be honest, i am no doctor love and i don't think so i am qualified to give love advises to all . I have few failed relationship in the past but believe it or not, that makes me feel okay for me to share this with you. Not that i have seen enough, just that i might be having more experience in a non healthy relationship.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Perks of Being Anak Tunggal - my story.

Hello friends. Just nak share with all of you on Anak Tunggal or being the only child. Whenever i mentioned that i am the only child in my family, the first sentence from them would be

"Wah, mesti manja kan?"
"Wah. best nya! Mintak apa pun mesti dapat kan?"

I was like, well..not really but they did not believe me! I know it is hard to believe it when you have all those dramas and television to spoil your brain.

Well, i want to share with all of you on my own experience as anak tunggal. Tak ada la semua yang best je. Ada jugak yang tak best. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hello dearies! Thank you for your time spend on my blog and reading things that i wrote down here. Basically, i don't really know what to share with you all as i do not have any new products coming in. Well, what i am trying to say is that i don't buy new things that much now. I spend most of my money for travelling and food. So, i have started to browse old things which i have not reviewed yet and try them back again.

This time around, i am playing around with an item from H&M which i wish they would have sell it here. I am beginning to see some makeup tools in H&M but not makeup as yet. I bought this one in Barcelona, a city which i will visit again and again one day, insyaAllah.

How would you think the pigmentation of these shadows would be? 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Suka Travel Sana Sini?

Hello korang semua. Saja nak type bahasa rojak this time around. Tak ada ape nak story sangat. Just nak sembang-sembang. So, korang suka travel tak? Mesti lah kan? I dont know who does not love travel. I think, semua orang pun suka travel. But sometimes, budget is the major reason why we don't travel that often. And also time. But for me, time we can still find. Korek-korek mesti jumpa. Tapi budget, macam susah sikit nak arrange.

Bila nak travel, macam-macam benda nak kena consider. Nak pergi mana, nak naik apa, nak tidur mana. Semua tu kena consider within the budget that we have. Kalau budget kurang tapi nak tidur kat tempat yang 3-5 stars, kena lah slash budget yang lain pulak. So, ingat nak travel ni senang ke? I'm not a person who always travelling tapi i love to travel. Skali skala dapat pergi jalan-jalan tenangkan fikiran pun best jugak kan? Tapi, bila ada budget constraint jadi susah sikit.

So, what did i do kalau nak travel? Survey kat mana? 

Monday, May 9, 2016

BOTD : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Hello ladies! How are you today? I wish you all the happiness in the world, while reading this blog. As a blogger, my passion is to share things with my readers from all around the world! It could be something as simple as what do i like to eat to things like makeup and beauty products. I have been blogging about beauty products since 2-3 years ago and i feel satisfied when i can see that my friends and readers could benefit from my writings and i could also be having the same knowledge sharing with my readers as well.

Today, i am going to share with you my current (used to be my most favorite back in 2013-2014 era) matte lip cream by NYX. I have used these lip creams before this in previous years and been loving it so much. Then, when i have my other lipsticks to wear, i tend to forgot about this lip cream and how amazing it is!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Penang Trip & Syafini's Wedding!

Dearies all! I am so sorry for neglecting my blog for nearly a week now. I do have things on BOTD to post out but i was caught on some other things  to do. I did went for a trip to Penang last weekend and attended my colleague's wedding day as well! We had a blast trip all together and it was so nice to hang out and have fun! 

We departed on Saturday morning around 10am and was supposed to arrive at Penang estimate time around 3pm. Since it was a long weekend for Malaysian, i know there'll be traffic jam all over the route as Malaysian people like holidays and will take advantage from a long weekend holiday like this. We arrived at around 5pm after a whole stretch of  traffic and stops. 

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