Monday, May 30, 2016

BOTD : March - May 2016 Favorites!

Hello friends! I just got back from Singapore work trip last Friday. Well, it's a work trip but i did enjoy myself meeting with my long lost Singporean friends! They always come to Malaysia for a trip but i have not had the chance to meet them in like..6 years! Well, i will do a dedicated blog post on that particular moment but this time around, let me blog about my March - May favorites makeup product.

Click more to find out more on each products that i am loving currently. 
Having to not to purchase major makeup products, i just use something that i have in house and some other items that were given from the respective sponsors. I would like to say thank you to Farmasi Cosmetics for their incredible foundation. I have done a review on this foundation previously, you may want to click Farmasi Foundation Review and read more.

FARMASI High Performance Foundation

Basically, this foundation is one of the best non high end foundation that i have tested. It is super highly coverage and it could just cover up my spots and acne and under eye dark circle just with one layer of it's foundation. It lasts quite long on a semi oily skin like moi so i think it's okay. 

Golden Rose Silky Touch Matte Eyeshadow

From our first meeting each other i know i am going to like this eyeshadow. I basically love this brand so much, i can actually compare them with other high end brands and they are actually comparable! This eye shadow is a bit lighter to me but i really like at how it blends so easily and the pigmentation is very mild. I use it to apply on my lids to just create a shadow looking lids. Perfect for an everyday makeup.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blusher

I love how natural this blusher looks like on my skin. It feels so nice but it does not last long. To me, blusher should be looking natural and this is the perfect natural blusher for me. It says to change the blusher according to our mood but i dont really see that coming though. But i still love it anyway. 

Loreal Super Liner Ultra Sharp and Golden Rose Waterproof Eyeliner

Both eyeliner is in black color and very intense. The Loreal Super Liner is a well known liquid eyeliner for people who likes black color. It is very easy to apply, very black and intense. I have used this eyeliner since 2014 era i think and i love it so much! The Golden Rose pencil liner is super intense and black. I love how minimal application needed to make it look super black. I use the pencil liner to apply on my waterline only. It does not smudge, it does not transfers. 

Loreal Curl Impact Collagen Mascara

My favorite long lash mascara. Loreal did make a pretty impressive mascara if i may say so. This mascara is super black, super curled up, super full and very easy to take off as well. It is not water proof but it still holds up my curl like no body business! I love this!

To me, i love all of these items because they are not expensive to purchase and it is very easy to get. I will put all the links down below for your reference on where/how to get these listed items.

Have a happy day and see you in my next BOTD entry! :D


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